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Your Guide to Hair Transplants

Your Guide to Hair Transplants

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Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow


Is Your Hair Disappearing At An Alarming Rate?

Have You Spent Way Too Much Money On Worthless Cures?

Are You Ready For A Serious Look At a Hair Loss Treatment That Works?


Finally, Get the Straight Scoop On The Procedure that Really Works!


Losing ones hair is a traumatic and potentially life changing event.  No matter what the circumstances hair loss goes to the very essence of a persons self image.

Don’t feel like you are alone.  Thousands of Americans at any given time are suffering from hair loss.  While the reasons for hair loss varies from person to person, one underlying fact is clear.  Hair loss goes to the very core of our feelings of self worth.

Exploring The Options

If you search you will find hundreds of so-called hair loss treatments.  These range from expensive creams ands oils to certain massage therapy.

Sadly, the most you can expect from the majority of these treatments is more hair loss and a slightly thinner wallet.

Depending on whether your hair loss is permanent or temporary you may even consider a wig, toupee or hair extension.  If your hair loss is temporary due to chemotherapy or some other procedure this might be an option for you if you can afford the cost.

The one option that appears to be viable for most permanent hair loss is:

Hair Transplants

So far hair transplantation appears to provide the most promise for a permanent answer to hair loss.  The problem?  Most people know very little about the procedure.  That’s where “Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow - Your Guide to Hair Transplants” comes in. 

This is the first comprehensive guide to hair transplantation and answers all the burning questions about . . .

  • What Is the History and Who Is a Candidate Find out just how long hair transplants have been used and discover if you might be a candidate
  • What Is the Procedure Read about how the process actually works and what part does micrografting play
  • Side Affects of Hair Transplantation Learn about possible side affects and what part they may play in your procedure
  • Costs and Financial Alternatives Can you afford to have the procedure
  • Appearance After the Procedure What will you see in the mirror after hair transplantation
  • How Many Surgeries Are Required Find out how long it will take to restore your own luxurious head of hair
  • And if that isn’t enough

    Learn all about scarring.  Will you have scars and if so how prominent will they be?  No stone is left unturned to research what impact scars might have.  After all, there’s no point in having the procedure if it leaves you worse off than before.

    Are there any special steps to care for your new hair?  This is a common question about hair transplants and we take our time answering it for you.

    You will also learn how to locate and evaluate a transplant surgeon.  Nothing is more important than the relationship between you and your professional.  Don’t be misled by a shyster.

    Risk Free Guarantee

    If this guide is not the first of its kind it’s pretty far up the list.  This is your opportunity to get the answers to those questions you always wanted about hair transplants.

    It’s truly a “no-brainer” because we take all the risk.  We can’t and won’t guarantee a successful hair transplant.  That would be foolish!  But, we will guarantee that  “Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow - Your Guide to Hair Transplants” will give you enough information to make an intelligent decision about hair transplantation.

    Look, we could go on and on about the information you will find inside this terrific guide.  The best thing for you to do is get your copy right now. 

    Order your copy of “Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow - Your Guide to Hair Transplants” right now and get the answers to all of your questions today!  You’ll be glad you did.


    Remember, we guarantee it!



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