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Wanna be a Star (Audio & eBook)

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“I Wish I Could Play the Guitar!”

Do You Have Secret Dreams of Playing in a Band?

Have You Imagined Yourself Entertaining Your Friends and Family with Music?


Don't Just Think About it -  Learn to Play the Guitar and Fulfill Your Dreams!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Guitarist-in-the-Making,

How often have you daydreamed about being a great guitarist? Is this a passion you've had for years, or a recent discovery? Do you wonder just how hard it is to learn guitar and whether you could REALLY become a musician?

No matter what your ambition is - playing for your own enjoyment, entertaining family or joining a band - learning the guitar is fun and highly enjoyable. While it will take practice, it's not a difficult instrument to understand. And once you know the basics, only your dedication and talent will determine just how good a player you have the potential to be. Who knows where it could take you!

 “Balladeer or Rock Star?”

Where do your ambitions lie? Are you a romantic or an adrenaline junkie? Guitars and guitar music comes in many forms, but the basics are the same and learning them can create the foundation for a lifelong hobby or musical career. But where will you begin?

If you haven't got a guitar already you can find out just what style of guitar is best suited for your musical tastes. Selecting and caring for your guitar are essential, and then there's the real fun - learning to play!

Have you already developed an ear for music? Have you figured out some basic melodies but want to learn to read music? Are you frustrated with finger positioning and want a guide to help make your guitar playing sound better and more developed? Or are you only considering guitar for the first time and need a guide?

 "Can You Really Learn Guitar By Yourself?”

Depending on your current skills and level of patience you may find a personal guide to be the quickest tool to building your knowledge of guitar playing, without the fees and tediousness of lessons. However, the basics will also prep you for joining a class and give you the opportunity to try out your skills in private before committing to  lengthy or expensive tutoring sessions with other students watching you make mistakes.

If you want to learn the basics and develop a skill that can entertain, engage and bring enjoyment to people, in private or public, you know deep down you're like everyone else who have inspired you...

Wanna Be a Star! How to Play Guitar

    • Styles of Guitar Playing
Find out the various styles of guitar playing and identify your favorite.
    • Tips for Choosing a Guitar
The quality and variety of guitars to choose from can be daunting - follow these tips to choose the right one for you.
    • Guide for Buying a Guitar
Once you know WHAT you want, here's how to buy it and spend your money wisely.
    • Basic Care and Maintenance of Your Guitar
Keep your instrument in top shape - follow these tips for maintaining and caring for your guitar, or end up paying the costs later.
    • How to Tune Your Guitar    
An out of tune guitar will cause you endless frustration when attempting to play - find out how to keep your guitar in tune.
    • How to Hold the Guitar Correctly
The correct hold will improve your ability to play the notes, if you're doing it wrong you may be holding back your talent!
    • Basic Finger Positioning for Notes    
First step - here's where you begin.
    • Standard Guitar Notes
Learn the standard notes for guitars.  
    • Basic Guitar Chords   
Discover the basic cords which make up many of your favorite songs.
    • How to Change Chords
What technique will help you change cords effortlessly?    
    • Barre Chord Finger Positions
Moving on to the barre chord finger positions will increase your playing power.
    • 7th Chords and 9th Chords
What is special about these chords, and how do you play them?
    • How to Play Guitar by Ear
Already have a knack or are you try to develop it? Here's the heads up on playing by ear!  

What You’ll Also Get…  

  • Why You May Want Lessons
Once you know the basics, where might you go from there?  
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Guitar Practice
Mom's not there to enforce your practice sessions, so how will you get the most from your guitar practice?

 “Is the Music World Ready for You?”

You may or may not become the star you dream of becoming, but one thing's for sure - if you don't know how to play guitar you're not even giving yourself a chance!

Instead of envying those who have the skills to play, why aren't you already teaching yourself to play guitar? You know you can handle it, and it won't be long before you're making music all on your own!

If you're ready to give your dreams a chance, download ‘Wanna Be a Star - How to Play Guitar’ right now!

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Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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Rich PLR


P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘Wanna Be a Star - How to Play Guitar' means one more day of missing out on the sheer pleasure of playing music all on your own. Take the opportunity to learn a skill so many others wish they had, get your copy of 'Wanna Be a Star - How to Play Guitar' Today!