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Vegetable Gardening (Audio & eBook)

Vegetable Gardening (Audio & eBook)

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Discover The Secrets and Tips For Truly Bountiful Vegetable Gardening



Finally, A Complete Guide Covering Everything You Need – From Seed To Harvest!



How would you like to save money growing your own produce? Wouldn’t you love to feed your family fresh, home-grown vegetables without harsh pesticides common in grocery store produce? How would you like to renew your mind and soul in the brisk, fresh air? Get back to the basics with the wholesome, nutritious and rewarding practice of vegetable gardening.

Vegetable gardening can renew your soul while bringing freshly harvested tomatoes, potatoes, squash, lettuce and cucumbers to the dinner table. Stop envying your friends, coworkers and neighbors fresh produce. Find out how to do it yourself! It’s so easy, and we’ll show you how to get started. Our new ebook, written with passion and dedication, gives you the core education, tools and information you need to start your garden out right.


Vegetable Gardening:

A Labor of Love


  • Why vegetable gardening is so popular
  • Key lessons you need on growing seasons, soil, preparation and tending
  • How-to tips on plowing and tilling for fertile, rich soil
  • The latest technology and gadgets that can make your job even easier
  • A behind-the-scenes look at organic farming and gardening


Vegetable Gardening: A Labor of Love is the only resource you’ll ever need. Use it as a valuable reference through the entire season. Get ideas on improving your yield. Avoid the most common planting and harvesting problems. This amazing book can be yours, today. Don’t wait another minute.


Get The Inside Scoop on Soil Issues, Climate and Planting Seasons

Do you know when to plant each crop? What nutrients do your vegetables need to grow large, fruitful and nutritious? How can you avoid the most common problems faced by vegetable gardeners – from frost to soil acidity and moisture? Vegetable Gardening: A Labor of Love make sense of it all in easy-to-understand language. Save money and time on wasted efforts, spoiled crops and menacing pests. We’ll show you what to expect so you can attack the problem proactively!


Read Tips and Techniques on Growing The Most Popular Vegetables

Vegetable Gardening: A Labor of Love zeros in on the most common crops including tomatoes, corn, potatoes, turnips, okra, broccoli, onions, squash, cabbage plus so much more! This complete guide explains common pests you need to look out for, factors that affect a healthy lifecycle, growth periods and duration plus general care guidelines. So you’re ready to plant and nurture a bountiful, robust garden in no time!


Discover The Art of Organic Farming – Without The High Price Tag!

If you’re like most of us, you’ve passed the organic section in the grocery store many times wondering just how the benefits really stack up in light of the significant price difference. You eye the organic carrots, then glance back at the non-organic version, dropping the later in your cart. But organic farming, and the consumption of produce nurtured and cared for without chemicals, does have its benefits both to your health and to the environment. Learn these Earth-friendly practices, today!

Now you can have it all – fresh, organic produce at a low, affordable price. ‘Vegetable Gardening: A Labor of Love’ shows you why organic farming and gardening is the healthiest alternative. We also show you the things you need to know before embarking on this journey.

Discover the time-tested practice of vegetable gardening. Improve your health. Improve your family’s health. Find comfort and serenity in the outdoors, among nature. Plant a vegetable garden, today!


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