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Understanding the Law of Attraction (Audio & eBook)

Understanding the Law of Attraction (Audio & eBook)

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Get what you want out of life by using the law of attraction… It’s simple, quick and easy! 

Uncover The Hidden Powers And Abilities Of Your Mind To Achieve Success In Anything!


From:  Rich PLR


Would you like to attract more health, wealth and abundance in life without exerting a lot of effort?

Are you one of the thousands of people that feel abused by life, feel the need to make more money or feel the need to find greater happiness and prosperity?

If you are sick of settling for less than you feel you deserve in life, or barely making ends meat then listen up! I have good news for you.


Understanding The Law Of Attraction…

(And how to get what you want in life by using it)


How The Law Of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

What is the law of attraction? If you do not already know then you may be losing out on all that life truly has to offer. You may miss important opportunities to bring wealth, abundance and happiness to your life.

The “law of attraction” is a simple idea:

Like Attracts Like

To get what you want out of life, you have to apply simple common sense principles. The like attracts like statement is one you must apply to every aspect of your life. In doing so, you become more focused and get what you want out of life.

By applying the principles of like attracts like, you can:


  • Focus your thoughts and goals to bring out the best in life and spend more time enjoying life.
  • Train your thoughts and your habits to attract positive attention to your life and improve the quality of life.
  • Get what you want out of life by thinking about what you want in a focused, deliberate and targeted way.
  • Strengthen your creative energies so you manipulate the terms of your existence, rather than rely on others to do this for you.
  • Create greater wealth and abundance for you and your family, so you can live a happy and deliberate life.


While the philosophy of the law of attraction may seem a bit unusual, the ideas behind it are scientific and knowledgeable.

Where Does The Philosophy Come From?

Great question. During the late 19th century Phineas Parkhurst Quimby of Maine (hereby referred to as Quimby) became recognized as the father of “New Thought”. This new thinking evolved from Quimby’s experience as an inventor, scientist and mental health professional.

Quimby focused much of his intent on the nature of mind, mental events and consciousness.

According to Quimby, the mind is a spiritual matter, such that man can “exist outside himself” and the mind and body consisted of two separate natures that interacted with one another.

For a person to live well and prosper, their mind and body must work together in a simple and direct way, without conflict. According to Quimby, bad things happen when the mind ran on bad reasoning. As a professional, Quimby worked for more than eight years and treated more than 12,000 patients successfully. During this time he discovered the cause of disease was an effect of a conflict present in one’s mind.

A Positive Attitude Supported By Affirmations Will Achieve Success In Anything…

Many consider Quimby an expert philosopher and scientist, with nine religious dominations emerging based on his principles stating the mind is a form of energy that can help create good or bad in one’s life.

According to the Law of Attraction, when conflict exists between the positive and negative energies in the body, disease, illness or poverty may strike. The good news is you can have complete control over your mind, your spiritual energy and matter.

Imagine if you will for a moment what your life might be like if you could streamline your mental and physical energy to produce positive outcomes? If everyone did this, they could achieve anything they wanted in life.

What Is The Foundation For The Law Of Attraction?

The law of attraction relies on the following core principles:

  • Belief in Deity or a higher power that is present in all things.
  • The universe and life are eternal.
  • Evil is the result of ignorance.
  • Suffering results from ignorance.
  • Salvation is achieved by realizing personal unity with the Universal Mind or life force.


Today many health providers use the practice of the law of attraction and principles supporting the idea of life force to heal people suffering from many common ailments and to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

What Can The Law Of Attraction Do For You?

Are you looking for a way to improve your life? Perhaps you want to make more money or earn more respect and recognition for your work.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could attract only positive things to you, like abundance, wealth, good health and fortune?

Here’s a sampling what the law of attraction can do for you:


  • Help you improve your outlook on life and come closer to your true self so you can achieve your dreams.
  • Allow you to recognize and follow your intuition, so you can use intuition as your personal guide to achievement.
  • Help you recognize your life purpose, so you can stop struggling and start living the life you have always dreamed of.
  • Help you discover the truest and most binding force of life, the one that connects each of us to another universally.
  • Help you discover how you can use the power of your mind to overcome physical realities, so you can produce health, wealth and abundance in your life.
  • Learn to develop the mind, body and spirit through Eastern practices including meditation, yoga and reiki to help heal old wounds and promote a positive spin on life.
  • Teach you how spiritual principles underline science so you can learn to live harmoniously within the spiritual and scientific realms.
  • Help you discover simple ways to promote positive creative activity so you enjoy all that life has to offer.
  • Allow you to heal your own wounds, those of others and help heal the planet we live in.
  • Help reveal #1 way to promote higher levels of consciousness to improve your health and wellness, as well as improve the positive events occurring in your life.
  • Allow you to connect with loved ones as well as anyone you meet, so you can feel whole and secure during this lifetime.



In life there are no coincidences…

You’ve heard the saying what is mean to be will be. For you to make the law of attraction work for you, you have to recognize there are no coincidences in life. You did not accidentally find this web page.

You came here as the result of spiritual and physical energy that drove you to go exactly where you needed to go to learn how to confront your future and change the life you lead for the better.

Now you have the opportunity to understand the underlying cosmic goals that drive all events in life, and learn how to manipulate your energy to achieve higher and more complete consciousness.

  • Discover the central governing power of the universe, and how you can use this power to your advantage.
  • Find out how to apply the law of attraction to the four primary areas of life you want to control.
  • Learn how to apply the law of attraction to influence your career, wealth and finances, relationships and healthy or physical wellness.
  • Discover the #1-way to prevent attracting negative energy to your career and life, so you can enjoy greater joy and happiness.
  • Find out the top 4 ways to use the law of attraction to advance your career so you can enjoy abundance in life and in living.
  • Discover the golden rule to improving your career and health so you can enjoy greater joy and happiness in life.
  • Find proven ways to attract positive energies in your life so more opportunities open themselves to you.
  • Find out how big thinking can create a successful career that creates abundance, good fortune and happiness.


With the right thinking and a little time, success becomes the rule instead of the exception.

Start your journey to success. Reserve your copy of Understanding the Law of Attraction.

Learn how to secure large sums of money as a byproduct of doing what you enjoy most in life and what you do best.

Remember, everything we think or feel about ourselves as individuals impacts our ability to create joy, happiness, wealth and abundance in your life. Find out how you can control your life and take a turn for the positive.

Discover how you can apply the law of attraction to your health and physical wellness.

A healthy body leads to a healthy state of mind, and both are essential for developing a positive approach in life.


Find out what areas of your life you have to focus on today to lead a better life tomorrow.

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