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Travel The World On A Budget (Audio & eBook)

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 “Is Traveling the World Just a DREAM?” 

Are You Itching to Travel to Asia, Europe or Africa?

Are You Envious of Your Friends Amazing Travel Tales and Tired of Making Plans that Never Happen? 
Pack Your Bags – You CAN Do It When You TRAVEL ON A BUDGET!
Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Aspiring Traveler,

Are you constantly distracted by day dreams of traveling to some of the most beautiful or intriguing places in the world? Are your friends organizing a trip that you simply can’t afford to join or are you planning an active retirement but don’t want to spend all your savings on travel?

Well, all your traveling dreams CAN come true – take in European sights and culture in London, Paris or Rome, enjoy the exotic style and beauty of Malaysia, Africa or China or even plan an activity filled trip to Australia, Brazil or Sweden. Start packing because you’ll soon be on your way…

 “Where Do YOU Want to Go?”

You’ve already been planning your trip in your mind, haven’t you? You know where you want to go first - you know who’s coming with you - maybe you already know how much the flight will cost! However, there is one question still needing an answer…

Can you afford to travel?

You’ve been trying to save but you still can’t get the money together to make the trip you’ve been dreaming about – or have you? There are thousands of places you can go and sights to see when you know the secrets to traveling on a budget. You may have already missed out on last year’s trip – but this year you could be making memories and enjoying a fantastic traveling experience!

Instead of listening to your friends’ stories and secretly wishing you were the one with the travel tales to tell, why not plan a trip yourself and …

“Travel the World on a Budget”

Are you wondering just how far your travel budget will go? Are you concerned that a cheap trip may not be as fun – or as safe? Are you planning to go with friends and want to know if you could save everyone some money by traveling together?

There are just so many tips and secrets that experienced budget travelers could tell you; where to go, what to do, when to go – but where are you going to find this valuable information?

If you don’t know then find here’s what you’ll learn in…  

Travel the World on a Budget (and Still Have a Blast!)…  

  • What Kind of Travel Experience do You Want? Why are you going? Who is going with you? How are you planning to get there? Answer these and other crucial questions first.  
  • What is a Realistic Budget for Traveling? Do you know how much you need? Don’t get stuck without food or a way to get home by missing this step!  
  • The Best Places to Travel on a Budged? Where in the world can you go travel on LESS than $30 a day? Check these ideas out!  
  • Where are the Cheapest Accommodations? You will be pleasantly surprised at the options available for cheap travel – from roughing it to luxurious pads – here’s what you need to know!  
  • Where to Travel with Kids on a Budget Want to have fun, travel the world AND bring the kids? No problem – here’s where to begin…  
  • What is the Cheapest Form of Transportation? Plane, train, bus or car? Find out the cheapest options and what dangers to watch for.  
  • Save on Entertainment and Transportation by Paying in Advance Where can you find the best deals? When is buying ahead a good idea?  
  • Tips for Saving when Traveling in a Group Tourism loves groups! You can save from travel insurance to airfares – just know what to ask for!  
  • Safety Tips for Budget Travelers in Foreign Countries You won’t have fond memories if you make these mistakes – protect yourself by knowing when cheap is just not worth it!  
  • Student Discounts and other Travel Deals Find out if YOU are eligible for special travel discounts offered to students and seniors.  
  • Traveling at the Right Time of Year Costs Less Could you take advantage of cheaper travel times?  When is your destination cheapest?  
  • Free Entertainment Ideas for Travelers Not everything has to cost you money – consider some of these FREE entertainment ideas to extend your dollar AND your fun!  
  • Buying Food at the Market and Other Daily Savings Tips for Travelers Experienced travelers take advantage of daily savings by living like locals – here are some ideas for you to try!

What You’ll Also Get…  

  • Tips for Backpackers – What Stays and What Goes? Traveling light? Here is your essential list of what to bring and important reminders for backpacking safely  
  • Why Traveling Without Insurance May Cost You More Don’t scrimp on this absolute necessity – check out these typical scenarios where travel insurance becomes crucial!

“Are You Ready to Pack Your Bags?”

You could be! Drag the old baggage from the closet, dust off your passport and call your friends to say goodbye – YOU’RE going on a TRIP!

But before you go – don’t forget to get all the advice and tips you need to make your traveling dollar go farther – invaluable information that will make your trip go smoothly and ensure you get everything you can out of  your travels – good food, great sights and wonderful memories!

What are you waiting for?  The savings you’ll make with the information provided will more than pay for itself so Download ‘Travel the World on a Budget’ right now!  

This book is filled with so much value you are

GUARANTEED to appreciate the information

or get a FULL REFUND – no questions asked!  

Download Your Personal Copy of ‘Travel the World on a Budget’ and Start Applying this Knowledge Today!

Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!



Rich PLR

P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the valuable information in ‘Travel the World on a Budget’ means one more day of wondering if YOU could be lounging in the Mexican sun, hiking in the Netherlands, drinking coffee in a Paris café or any other dream you have – why wonder? Find out today!