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Total Recall

Total Recall

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"You Don't Need 40 Hours Of
Memory Training To Unleash
Your Own 'Total Recall' Ability!

Don't Waste Time

Now You Can Get 'Just The Facts'
And Revolutionize Your Life With
A Healthy Trained Memory - FAST!


From:  Rich PLR

Dear Friend,

How does memory work?  How do they perform those awesome memory feats on the late night shows? 

Are They All
Just Gimmicks?

In this brand new publication, we don't provide you with 'educated guesses' about these matters - we strip them to their core and lay bare the real "magic" behind the world's most iron-clad memory techniques.

We expose you to the three main types of memory but we NEVER get stuck at the 'theoretical' explanations of how things really work.  Instead we push through to the practical aspects of uncovering, enhancing and unleashing your personal Total Recall abilities!

We even answer the toughest questions in the field of memory as clearly and accurately without any holds barred.  Questions like, "Why does memory fail?". 

If you don't know the answer then you are risking spending the rest of your life fighting a never-ending battle of trying to remember where you put your car keys, what date your anniversary is on and what your employer wanted you to de before he returned from his business trip.

Stop The Insanity!

Let us share with you the time-tested, quickest and most effective systems and techniques  to help improve your memory in the shortest time humanly possible.

Yes, there have been many techniques devised to aid in improving the memory. These techniques are known as Mnemonics and aid in providing cues to optimize the retrieval process...

...And we'll tell you all about them in Chapter 4. No smoke and mirrors - just the facts and super secret ways that you can practice them effectively.


Yes, You Can Exercise Your Brain
For Optimal Performance

In order for memory to be formed certain chemical reactions must take place within the brain so in order to have a powerful memory we must also have a powerful brain.

You'll learn about specific exercises (neurotic exercises) that have been developed specifically for the purposes of turning your brain into the fine-tuned supercomputer it's destined to be.

These exercises utilize the different senses in order to provide the brain with stimulating situations that don't normally occur... 

By stimulating the brain in such a way, mental pathways that are not frequently used will be strengthened and actually retard mental aging!

And now for the question that has been asked a lot more in recent times than ever before...

Can Your Diet
Improve Your Memory?

The role of diet (in regards to memory) is a relatively new topic but recent studies have shown that foods consumed DO have a considerable effect on an individual’s ability to retain and retrieve information.

You'll learn exactly which foods will provide the maximum benefit for your brain and memory PLUS our guide makes it easy to understand why these foods work so that you're not stuck to our 'food guide' but rather you can simply look for foods that YOU enjoy that are already crammed with all of these brain-food nutrients!

Don't wait another minute! 

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Rich PLR