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Top 25 Vacation Spots In The U.S.

Top 25 Vacation Spots In The U.S.

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From The Desk Of...   Rich PLR

RE: 25 top vacation spots just for you!!

Dear Vacation Seekers,

No matter if it's in the middle of summer, or the dead of winter people are constantly searching for the perfect place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the job that they stayed weighed down with.

When it comes to finding that perfect spot many people don't consider the tons of research that has to be done in order to get your money's worth.

Look, I'm sure your life is just like mine and everyone else's...BUSY! Between work, places to go, people to see, things to do, and not to mention if you have kids, life is just flat out flying at break neck speeds! Who has time to spend their entire weekend or longer looking for a great get away?

To be downright frank, the research and dead end information you get most you the time just plain out suck and actually takes the fun out of the whole ordeal altogether.

One of my friends was planning a vacation just a few years ago and did minimum research online and picked a place and booked reservations quickly. When he got there what was a beautiful scenic picture on the site ended up being one of the worst places to pick in the world.

Not only were the hotels run down and nasty, but the area itself was a bad spot with attractions that couldn't entertain even a child! Nothing can ruin a vacation quicker than not really checking a spot out well before you make a decision.

But what if I told you...

Wouldn't it be great to have one source that gave you all the proper information to the top places to venture to all around the United States?

And I'm not talking about some lame book that tells you where the world's largest ball of yarn is...I mean places that will blow your mind with excitement and enthusiasm!

A great book would tell you not only where to go, but what different types of attractions are available in that area, the best restaurants to chow down at, where all the beautiful resorts are to get the best bang for your buck, and much, much more!

Think of the convenience and the time you would save by getting all of that in one spot. Vacation is supposed to be a time just for you and relaxation, NOT MORE WORK!

Imagine being able to find out more information about a certain attraction than you can find out about by visiting a dozen different shallow sites!

Well, the imagining is over!

For years I've been investigating the top 25 vacation spots throughout the U.S to give myself, and now... YOU the best vacation ideas possible!

This includes not only the history of the popular vacation spot, but also the top attractions, restaurants, museums, national parks, zoos, theme parks, resorts, and a whole lot more to fill your vacation with numerous fun filled activities that you and the entire family will love!

No more scratching your head in frustration trying to find the ultimate getaway... I've covered everything and have made it ready and available to you right at your fingertips.

No more listening to your friends and co-workers talking about how they have had the best vacation ever to Bob's Amusement Park... now you can be the one envied over the best vacation with one of these popular vacation spots equipped with the best photos to show off your trip to utter paradise!

I have really busted tail to bring you a high quality source guide that is sure to help in you making a great decision to your next vacation.

So let's not stall anymore. Take a look at this and I'm sure you'll snatch it up!


The Top 25 Vacation Spots In the U.S.

Finally! An enormous 52 page vacationer's guide that delivers unsurpassed details and information on the best spots in the U.S. to vacation to, and no matter which one you pick you are guaranteed a winner!

Not only is this guaranteed to help you pick a great place to vacation to, but you will also greatly benefit from the protection towards your investment of the vacation you choose. This is promised to save you hair, time, and most importantly money!

Here are just a BIT of what's covered...

Are you seeing "stars"? You just might when you hear about a Hollywood driven vacation complete with historical film industry attractions!

Discover the true history of Mount Rushmore and the many wonderful attractions that surround it!

Experience the Grand Canyon and find out how touring on a mule is just one of the many activities that you can do to explore this naturally made "wonder".

Wouldn't you like to be one of the thousands of people that visit the Statue of Liberty each year? Get all the details and more stuff that you need to know about in this exclusive guide!

So what's it going to be? Disney World? Epcot? Animal Kingdom? Why not all of them when you venture to the magical kingdom of Disney World!

Tour the home and grave sight of George Washington, visit the Capital, The White House and much more on your stay in the historical Washington, D.C.!

Visit Memphis, the home of "The King of Rock-n-Roll", Elvis Presley, how about a tour of his beautiful home, Graceland, and top it off with a stroll down famous Beale Street!

Get out your beads! It's time to party hard on the celebrated Bourbon Street of New Orleans! Get all the info about the whole festivity and how to get in on all the action!

Ever wanted to experience what it's like to swim with dolphins? You can do all that and a whole lot more when you set out to Sea World!

See Niagara Falls from above, beside, and below! I'll tell you how all right here!

Does going to Times Square and bringing in the new year sound good, or maybe just becoming a part of a live taping of The David Letterman Show or Saturday Night Live? Find out here!

Experience Yellowstone National Park's massive 3,400 sq. miles full of outdoor recreational fun for the whole family! Encounter many things on a trip to this well-known Idaho landmark!

Ever wanted to be on the big screen? You can with an exciting vacation to Universal Studios. Here you can jump in and interact with top rated movies such as Jaws and Twister!

Grab your swimsuit, a towel, and some sunscreen and discover why Florida's beaches are one of the hottest vacation spots to go in the U.S.! Get sand, sun, and fun all-in-one!

Plus, you'll get a packing tips list to make sure that you don't forget even the least important things!

But that's not it! Oh.... no! There is plenty more where that came from in this colossal vacationer's guide!

 You have to admit; by what you have already heard about this I am giving you a bargain just by offering it. When you stop and think about it this is not just a book, but this is something that is going to take the strain off of you in finding that perfect place, and also give you the confidence that you are making a well, thought out choice.

Besides that, my goodness...have you actually tried searching for a site that really gives good advice? Oh my, for one thing good luck trying to navigate through the site and if you are lucky enough to click on anything but another add tossing you from site to site then you may find a couple of paragraphs on something you want to know.

Who has time for that? And for the other products out there that offer you this and that on vacation info most of the time only lead you on a trail to a big, bank busting vacation that you can't even afford!

This is about you and your family and making sure that you have great memories that last a lifetime, not nightmares and regrets. How much is it worth to you when considering the investment made in vacations and making sure that you "got your money's worth"?

Some are letting books just like this one go for $67 or even $47 dollars. But I thought about this and vacations can be expensive anyways and what better that to make your day and help you plan your vacation by giving you the opportunity to own this loaded guide for a dirt cheap fee for only...


I am confident that you know that you are getting a great deal considering the price that I am offering this product for, but I also want you to be confident in me and my hand guide as well.

I know planning a vacation can be a little mind boggling with planning the spots to go, the places to stay, how to get there, or even if you remembered to bring your shoes.

So, I am going to take all of the troubles and worries off of your mind and slap on a "IRON CLAD" 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

I promise if you are not absolutely 100% completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever I will simply give you your money back... no questions asked!

It doesn't get any better than that...


 Face it, if you have made it this far you have to really be interested in finding a better source for information to get vacation spots and I'm sure you would agree that the much needed advice would help.

You should realize though that no one plans on having a BAD vacation, but it happens to people every day because the research was minimum and not planned out well.

Many people get to their destinations and miss out on tons of things they could've been doing while they were there, but they simply just didn't know about it because they had been poorly misinformed.

This can all be avoided and you don't have to go through this! After getting your hands on this guide the only confusion you will have is trying to figure out where is the best spot to go and picking with things to do while there!

Hey, you work hard for your money and you owe it not only to yourself, but your family as well. I am offering you a chance to grab this guide before it's too late and you end up with a vacation that haunts you and your pocket book for years.

Make the right decision. Invest in the Top 25 Vacation Spots in the U.S.!


To Your Success, 

 Rich PLR 

P.S. Don't wait any longer! This offer could be gone tomorrow!

P.P.S. You get a 60 day money back guarantee! What do you have to lose?