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The Worlds Healthiest Foods

The Worlds Healthiest Foods

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A Message to People Who Want to Eat the Healthiest Foods in the World and Don't Know What They Are…


Here's How To Get Started Today...


Dear Reader,

  • Are you struggling with your weight?
  • Are you over weight? Or under weight?
    • Are you trying to eat healthier but don’t know where to start?

    If you answered yes to any of those questions you definitely need to read on …

    Eating healthy is not just for people with a weight problem.  Sure, that’s where many folks get their first awakening to the benefits of eating healthy.  The bottom line is that we have become victims of progress.

    What does that mean?  It means that our advancements in technology have given us such wonderful tools as our microwaves, convection ovens, instant hot water and so forth.

    The challenge is that all of those tools also bring us pre-packaged foodstuff all designed to fulfill our voracious appetite for “fast food.”


    The term “fast food” was coined when golden arches, circus colored cartons and giant bells invaded the market several decades ago.  Back then grabbing burgers, chicken or tacos was a huge treat as a family would breeze through the drive-up and grab food to enjoy while catching a movie at a drive-in theater.

    Okay, but what about today?  Ha!  Fast food has become a way of life.  We have evolved into a “drive-thru” society.  Starting in the morning, clear through lunchtime and suppertime.  Even at the grocery store you can now get food that you just pick up and zap in the microwave.

    The foods we eat today are pre-packaged, flash frozen, fortified with fake nutrients and some foodstuffs are even drenched in hormones.  The lure of all of this fake food is convenience.

    We seem to have become addicted to speed.  We don’t take the time to enjoy dining.  Even upscale fine dining establishments no longer provide ambience we used to enjoy.

    The eye is always on the clock to see how fast we can be fed and sent on our way to make room for the next group of diners.  If you find a local restaurant that believes in providing an old-fashioned dining experience, keep it a secret and frequent it often!

    Can you break the mold?


    Yes, absolutely!  Your first step is to learn about the healthiest foods in the world and here is a small taste:


  • Vegetables are taken for granted. They also seem to be a no-brainer when it comes to discussing foods that are healthy. But, consider trying something other than the old standby of vegetables like peas and corn.
  • Herbs and spices have played a part in the lives of mankind for millennia. It’s no surprise that they were the mainstay of healthcare in days gone by. In fact their medicinal use was more valued than gold in some cultures. Their therapeutic uses still abide today. Learn how to use them to eat healthier.
  • Much has been said about mercury contained in fish and other seafood. Don’t ignore the many benefits of fish and seafood because of an over zealous mindset. The truth is the benefits of fish and seafood far outweigh any risk.The truth is that any food we discuss in “The Worlds Healthiest Food” can be the healthiest food in the world. But, what better result than to give you 15 different types of foods along with a mouth-watering recipe for each food type?All about Miso, Natto and Soy Sauce. What are they? What makes them unique? How do they fit into a discussion on the healthiest foods in the world? Find out inside!Do you know the secrets about chocolate? Who knew? Find out on the other side.
    • What do YOU think the Worlds Healthiest Food is? Grab your copy today and make your selection tonight!
    • Have you ever tried quinoa or millet? You’re in for a treat.
    • “The Worlds Healthiest Food” also gives you the skinny (pardon the pun) on oils and fats. What types there are and when they can be not only good for you and absolutely necessary to a healthy lifestyle.