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The Sunless Tanning Guide

The Sunless Tanning Guide

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The Sunless Tanning Guide

Enjoy A Tan All Year Long!
Sizzle without the Sun!

Now in under 5-Minutes & the time it takes to
grab your tanning lotion, swim suit, and flip flops …

You can lighten your tanning worries &
darken your skin; in short….get help now with
The Sunless Tanning Guide

Interested in getting a tan?

But maybe people have been telling you that you can get skin cancer if you’re out in the sun too long?

So you think about a tanning booth or tanning lamp... But people say that they’re not safe either.

So you check into other tanning solutions. You find there are many: tanning pills, tanning lamps, tanning lotions, tanning gels, tanning accelerators…ugh!

What happens over time? Maybe some of these:

- You try some tanning products. You turn orange.

- Your hands and clothing, not to mention your favorite chair and bathrobe, were tanned – and stained - - in the process.

- Your tan starts flaking and you aren’t sure what to do.

- You don’t know how to tell which tanning products are safe. SPF stands for Should Put First, right? But you’re still safe out in the sun, right?

- You aren’t sure whether to moisturize first, exfoliate last, use tanning solution in the middle? You wonder what you really need. And in what order..?

- You quit - - for now… and head back to the tanning booth, fully intent to pick up your sunless tanning research and experiment where you left off sometime next week. Or maybe next month over a weekend sometime. Or maybe next year at this time. Or...whatever.


Well, forget all that. We’ve already completed the work for you. And our report is right here, ready to be instantly downloaded in a click. So there’s no need to turn back now and burn under those heat lamps.

Relax for a few minutes and check out what we have to offer! It’s easy, efficient, effective.

Dear Tanning Friend,

Life can really burn you. Any time. Any age. Literally!

For example, you can be out in the sun for only a couple hours in the afternoon. Then later you hit the sack, wake up red and burned, and hurt because of the effects of the sun’s rays. And yet:

- You thought getting a little tan the day before would have protected you from burning. What happened?
- You applied sunscreen early in the morning that was supposed to last all day long. What went wrong?
- You can’t remember what to do for sunburns. Should you apply butter to the area?

Well, read on.

We’ll help you get answers to these questions and many more.

In fact, right now, we’re inviting you to take charge of your own tanning plans and learn more now about how to tailor them to suit your daily activities and needs.

The Sunless Tanning Guide will help even when exciting opportunities pop up along the way to change your plans during the day. For example, staying outdoors in the sun longer than you intended and sweating off your protection a little earlier than planned will no longer have to be issues that can cause burns.

You will be able to get help from us while staying in charge of your own tanning regime. Quickly and easily download our research and get help today to avoid further tanning goal set backs, painful burns and unhealthy skin problems. And learn what The Sunless Tanning Guide is all about.

To begin, simply consider the following 3 statements. Are they True or False?

  1. Approximately every hour, one person dies from skin cancer and one out of every five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. True or False?
  2. And a little bit of tan protects you from the sun. True or False?
  3. People with lighter, fairer skin have less melanin, absorb less UV rays and suffer less protection. True or False?

(Answers: 1. True 2. False 3. True)

Learn a whole lot more by grabbing your copy of our latest research. It’s loaded with information in an easy-to-read format, available instantly upon receipt of your payment. You’ll discover successful tanning solutions that have been tried and tested by professionals, experts in the healthcare industry.

Then select only those solutions that fit into your own individual lifestyle, based upon your own genetic makeup, skin tone, overall health, tanning plans and budget.

“What’s in it for me?”
you be might wondering…

Inside this research collection, you will:

Find information about the basics of tanning, both sunless and with the sun, for all ages, both genders.
Learn about the three kinds of invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays.
Uncover more information about the different skin types and how SPF plays a role in skin protection.
Calculate the SPF you need with our easy math formula.
Search through our list of tanning products to see which ones your family might want to try.
Discover which factors need consideration BEFORE you buy.
Check out the ingredients in tanning products to see what you need to have in yours.
Improve your tanning with our tips. Share them with others and enjoy being safer, happier, protected from the sun and tanned – all at the same time.
Visit our step-by-step “Applying Self-Tanning Product” section and forget about orange hands, stained clothes, running lotions, flaking and more.
Read condensed versions and overviews about other tanning solutions to quickly learn more about them and see if they might be right for you; tanning bronzers, booths, accelerators, pills, lamps, and more.
Print out our Tanning Safety Tips and “First Aid” Tips to keep handy on vacations, in your glove box and with your tanning lotions.
Save money and check out our “Sunless Tanning Product Lines Reviewed” before you head to the store.
Visit our resource section for additional targeted short-term, long-term or supplemental help and information.
And much, much more…

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You win with full-scale research materials or the pain is on us and your payment is relieved in full.
If you purchase this information and are not totally satisfied, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price. If, after reading and following our directions, you honestly feel you didn't receive exceptional value for your hard earned dollar, simply send us an email within the next 30 days, and we will refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked!

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