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The Self Improvement Buffs (PLR)

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How Would You Like To Have Your Own Instant, High Quality Collection Of Hot Selling Products without Writing Another Word?

"Grab The Full Private Label Rights To This Instant, Brand New Collection Of Smoking Hot Products - Put Your Name As The Author, Make 100% Profits Selling Them As Your Own..."

Get Your Hands On The Full Editable Rights To My New "Self Improvement" Package... Put Your Name As The Author, Edit The Contents, Sell And Keep 100% Of The Sales, Break Or Merge The Contents - It's Your Choice.



From:  Rich PLR

Dear Busy Marketer,

Did you know? It is roughly estimated that over 75% of the best sellers in the book stores world wide are Self Improvement related titles. So if you are to choose a very hot niche with rabid demand, it makes sense to enter the Self Improvement niche, doesn't it?

But if you are anything like me at all - you hate the idea of writing or don't have the time to create your own product. Perhaps you too shudder at the thought of forking out a few hundred dollars just to have an Info Product ghostwritten for you. (sometimes it can go into the $1,000s)

Now if you can relate to any of the above mention at all then you're going to be in for a pleasant surprise because...

"I Am Releasing The Full Private Label Rights To Over 5 High Quality, Potentially Hot Selling Titles On Self Improvement!"

What this means is that with the Private Label Rights to these high quality Info Products, you can put your name as the author, edit the contents, sell them and keep all the sales (no affiliate program or royalty fees involved), or even use as Special Reports to generate leads.

Let's take a look at these incredible products...

Here's What You Will Get In This
Amazing Private Label Rights Package:

Private Label Rights To 5 New, High Quality Info Products - you get the Raw Word Documents to the following titles that can be yours in a few minutes:

1 - How to Make Your Attitude Your Ally
How To Get Ahead, Take Full Advantage, And Enjoy Some Of The Precious Things Life Have To Offer...
Word Count: 5,013

2 - The Power of Positive Thinking
How To Handle Frustrating Moments And Turn Bad Predicaments Into A Productive Environment!
Word Count: 5,009

3 - Innovative Thinking Secrets Exposed
Deriving New Inventions and Ideas from Innovative Thinking...
Word Count: 5,016

4 - How to Adopt Creative Thinking
How To Spin Out-of-the-Box Ideas And Add Value To Your Organizational Skills...
Word Count: 5,013

5 - The Art of Solving Problems
How To Be Mentally Prepared To Deal With Life's Obstacles...
Word Count: 4,280

On the average, each of the Self Improvement products have over 5,000 words and with the editable rights to them, you can:

Paste your name or pen name on these products and become and instant author,

Edit the contents and embed affiliate links,

Break down the contents into articles for article marketing submission,

Sell and keep 100% of the sales,

Use them as lead generator and much more... it's your choice.

PDF Files To The 5 Info Products - you also get the PDF version to the products. If you don't plan to make any changes whatsoever to the product and use them as they are, feel free to do so and these PDF files are a big time saver already.

I've already converted the Raw Word Document into fixed 'un-editable' PDF copies for you so you don't have to do this again.

Beautifully Designer E-Covers - you get the Flat and 3D cover designs to all of the Info Products in JPEG format.

Check them out:


+PLUS PSD Format included!


I am also including the Photoshop Source Document to the graphics as well so if you have Adobe Photoshop, you can edit the graphics and customize i.e. change the title, put your name and URL on the cover, and so on.

Professionally written sales copy - you also get a custom replica of this sales letter. Simply fill in your name and put in your order link, upload the files to your web host and you can be in business as early as tonight!

NOTE: This is a Sales copy preview only.


With The Full Private Label Rights To This Product, You Can:

[YES] You can put your name, pen name and/or business name as the author.

[YES] You can edit the contents.

[YES] You can re-title and restructure the contents.

[YES] You can merge or break the contents into articles.

[YES] You can add resource box to the articles compiled from the contents.

[YES] You can use the content for your website, blog or e-zine.

[YES] You can compile the contents into Special Reports (in PDF format).

[YES] You can create free or paid E-Books (in PDF format).

[YES] You can use the content for video, audio or PowerPoint inspiration.

[YES] You can edit the sales copy.

[YES] You can edit the E-Covers.

[YES] You can use any parts of the content for offline publishing.

[YES] You can use the materials for your seminar, workshop or presentation.

[YES] Can be sold as stand alone (PDF format).

[YES] Can be bundled into a paid package.

[YES] Can be given away (in PDF format).

[YES] Can be added into free or paid membership sites (PDF format).

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus (in PDF format).

[YES] Can be sold on auction sites (in PDF format).

[YES] Can be sold in a dime sale event (in PDF format).

[YES] You can offer Resell Rights.

[YES] You can offer Master Resell Rights.

[YES] Can resell the Private Label Rights starting 1st September 2008.

[YES] Can be bundled into a paid package starting 1st September 2008.

[YES] Can be added into paid membership site starting 1st September 2008.

[YES] Use as a bonus to another product you are selling starting 1st September 2008.

[YES] Can be sold on auction site starting 1st September 2008.

[YES] Can be sold in a dime sale event starting 1st September 2008.

[NO] Private Label Rights can be given away for free.

[NO] Private Label Rights can be added into a free membership site.

[NO] Private Label Rights can be used as a free incentive to collect leads.

"So How Much Is All These Worth To You?"

Now if you would attempt to write your own E-Book, Special Report or whatsoever content on your own - chances are it's going to be a hit or miss. Especially if you're not keen on writing in the first place.

And even if you're exceptionally gifted at writing, is it REALLY worth your time?

Look, I totally understand what you have to go through just putting your product line together and yes, it was heck a lot of tedious for me when I was jumping through the same hoop.

But now you don't have to jump through hurdles just to get your product done up - because I've already done it all for you. All you have to do is put your name on the digital books as the author, customize the pages and sales letter a little bit, upload them to your web host, and voila... you are already in business!

At this point, I could be asking to be paid a writer's fee but because I want to make this readily available to you and a few more other frugal, busy entrepreneurs who could use some help, you can own the Private Label Rights to this package instantly for just $247 $24.00.

That's about the price of a family meal!

"But Act Now..."

Because I cannot promise that this offer will be up forever and as you're reading this, other people are already taking advantage of this package.

So secure your access to this Private Label Rights pack now...

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YES! Please give me the Full Private Label Rights to this high quality package now that will be delivered to me!

I will receive instant access Master Resale Rights today and I will get the PLR package emailed to me by September 2nd: (even if it is 3:00 in the morning)

Only $4.95!





Warm Regards,

Rich PLR

P.S. Finally... For cents on the dollar, you can now be like the Self Improvement Guru top guns and cash in on one of the hottest niches online... without writing another word from scratch, ever!