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The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis

The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis

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The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis


Are You Experiencing Numbness or Tingling In Your Extremities?

Do You Frequently Have Blurred Vision?

            Are You Having Trouble Keeping Your Balance?                                

Learn How to Spot the Symptoms and

Understand Multiple Sclerosis!


Dear Reader,

If you suspect that you or a loved one may be on a track for experiencing multiple sclerosis you need answers to those burning questions and you need them now!

They experience loss of memory, impaired reasoning and decreased concentration. What is even worse is about 10% of those diagnosed have cases that are so severe they are unable to live normal lives. Many experience anxiety, depression, bipolar syndrome and other debilitating symptoms.

MS can also affect motor, sensory and cognitive skills. Respiratory problems and bowel symptoms are also experienced. No two people will present with the same identical symptoms.

More than half of the people with multiple sclerosis (MS) find they have problems in thinking.

If someone claims to have a “cure” for MS, run don’t walk! First of all it is extremely difficult to diagnose. There is criteria that can be followed however, so proper medical consultation is important.

The only way to insure an accurate diagnosis is by a trained physician. There are various tests that can be administered. You can learn what these tests are and get answers to all your questions in “The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis.”

There is a good reason why it’s called The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis.” MS does not discriminate by age or sex. MS can be visited upon anyone. This is why you need to be informed. See what our “many faces” covers for you:

Multiple Sclerosis and Genetics – Research shows that although there is still no known definite cause, genetics may play a big role in causing multiple sclerosis. Read how defective genes put an individual at a greater risk of developing the disease.

Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis - Many people wonder exactly how pregnant women who have the disease deal with it. We give you the answers.

Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis - Pediatric multiple sclerosis is not that different from the typical case that occurs in adults. The main differences are how the disease will progress, when it would progress and how much likely an individual is to develop the disease. Get all the details inside “The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis.”

Erectile Dysfunction and MS - Erectile dysfunction is not be a very comfortable topic, especially for men. When it comes to multiple sclerosis it is a condition that needs to be factored in. This sensitive topic is covered in an entire chapter.

Leukemia and Multiple Sclerosis – Discover why these two diseases are so closely related and what steps are taken in treatment.

Alternative Therapies – There are definite opinions regarding treatment of multiple sclerosis. Discover some of those differences as well as possible common ground between western and homeopathic treatments.

Diet and Nutrition - Treatment of multiple sclerosis is not all about medications and therapies. The notion that healthy dieting helps people with multiple sclerosis cope more effectively is backed up by solid scientific research. Learn how and get the details inside.


Getting the answers to your questions about MS is critical to learning how to cope with the disease on a daily basis. Whether you have the disease or are a caregiver, you will find “The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis” is an absolute necessity.

If you are seriously interested in learning about MS, you’re in the right place and we guarantee it.

We take all the risk. We will guarantee “The Many Faces of Multiple Sclerosis.” will give you enough information to help you answer your questions or your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We guarantee it!


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