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The Eyes Have It!

The Eyes Have It!

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How’s Your Eyesight?

How Long Since Your Last Vision Test?

Have You Ever Even Had a Checkup? Are You Having Trouble With Blurry Vision?


You Need “The Eyes Have It!”


Listen, with the economy in the tank there’s a good chance you have either:


  1. Lost your job and are pouring over want ads online and off. Or,
  2. You still have a job but are now doing the job of three people and your eyes are feeling the pain!You really don’t want to hear another lecture, BUT when you are worn down and stressed out you must learn to take care of yourself. All too often one of the first things people neglect is their eyesight. And, if you can relate to one of those scenarios above, consider yourself “at risk” for a potentially devastating visual problem. You can mitigate the risk with some simple action on your part. Find out what symptoms are serious and then take action. It’s just that simple.The perfect tool of choice is a copy of “The Eyes Have It!” It’s an easy to read guide about different vision problems. You can easily review symptoms and find out if any apply to you. If they do, you can read about potential treatments. The bottom line is you can get answers fast so you can make intelligent decisions about your vision options. Our eyes help us to avoid danger. Though not fatal, eye problems can lead to blindness. For people wearing eyeglasses or lenses, uncorrected sight problems can develop.Did you know that wearing glasses or lenses that are no longer right for your eyes worsen your eye problem? Or that working with an extreme amount of light can cause eye damage?Maybe you have heard the term “low vision” and mistakenly think that it just means poor eyesight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Low vision is a bilateral eye disorder that creates a significant damage to the eyes and cannot be corrected easily with surgical or medical operations. Unfortunately, many individuals suffering from low vision may experience blurriness, light sensitivity, low contrast and disoriented vision. Huh? Those symptoms sound like simple eyestrain, don’t they?Macular degeneration, also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), is an eye disease that destroys sharpness and central vision of your eyes. A couple of the symptoms are blurred vision and high blood pressure. Well, who doesn’t have those symptoms at some point.

Two of the problems with this disease are:


  1. It comes on gradually.
  2. It’s hereditary.     
  3. There are actually three types of cataracts and “The Eyes Have It!” explains those three types and possible treatments.
  4. Cataracts are another disease that comes on gradually, clouding the eye lenses behind the pupil and the iris. Cataracts normally advance gradually to cause loss of vision and total blindness of both eyes if left untreated. Normally, cataract can damage both eyes, but it begins with one eye first.
  5. If you are diabetic you should get an eye exam more often.
  6. Astigmatism is an eye condition wherein the cornea has abnormal curves. Astigmatism often causes eyestrain, headache and fatigue and usually damages both eyes.

If you are a parent, there is one chapter contained that is a must read.  It is “What is Retinoblastoma?”  Retinoblastoma is an eye condition that is an intraocular cancer among children. It is a fast developing cancer that progresses in the cellular components of the retina, which can detect light for the eyes.  Yes, it can cause blindness.


There are more potential diseases of the eye described in “The Eyes Have It!”  We have only covered a few of them here.  We could add another ten pages and not begin to scratch the surface of what you will learn.


Do yourself a favor and just grab a copy of it.  What price can you place on your eyesight or that of your loved ones?  Yes, I thought so.  There is no price tag.


Besides we take all the risk.  You have our word on it. If you are unhappy with the content and feel that you have received no benefit whatsoever from reading “The Eyes Have It!” we’ll refund your price 100%.


That’s way more than enough reason to grab your copy now.  Go ahead.  It’s risk-free!  We will guarantee “The Eyes Have It!” will give you enough information to help you answer your vision questions or your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We guarantee it!