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The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching (Audio & eBook)

The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching (Audio & eBook)

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Become a bird watching expert in a matter of minutes… discover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our beloved feathered friends.

Does The Song Of A Bird Make You Shiver With Delight?

The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching… Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Bird Watching Journey (AND Save a Bird’s Life!)


I first discovered the “sport” of bird watching about three years ago when I visited a friend on a warm summer’s day. I watched quizzically as my companion prepared a delightful red nectar made of simple sugar and water, colored in bright red.

Surely this “nectar” must be some new form of entertainment? A new drink? Little did I know I was about to discover a whole new world unbeknown to me…

As we sat about enjoying the day, I soon realized our true purpose that day. Bird Watching.

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? I mean, you are talking about a city guy that has plenty to do to keep him busy. But within just a few short hours, I discovered just how fulfilling bird watching can be, and why so many people are jumping on the bird watcher’s bandwagon.

Within minutes the sweet fragrant red nectar that hung longingly was bombarded by dozens of hummingbirds flocking madly and singing with glee…

The buzz of birds and brilliant colors added to the colorful and peaceful scenery. It was at that very moment I realized just how intriguing birds could be. Lucky for me, my companion knew quite a bit about bird watching, and set me up with a few essentials I knew were necessary.

Now you too can benefit from all there is to learn about bird watching. Most people don’t realizing just how easy bird watching can be. Why watch birds at all? For many bird watching is more than just a hobby.

There are more than 850 different types of songbirds located in the United States alone. That’s a lot of birds to keep a newbie bird watcher busy…

The challenge and sport that lies in the practice of identifying birds by song, sound, color and shape can be fun, exciting and rewarding.

Many people find bird watching a wonderfully relaxing pastime. If you enjoy being outdoors and need a quick way to reduce stress, I highly recommend you take up bird watching.

Before you know it you will find you are among the ranks of growing bird watching enthusiasts.

The key to good bird watching is knowledge. Too many people start out with the best of intentions, only to end disappointed. Do you know what types of bird feeders you should be using to attract the birds in your neighborhood?

Maybe you weren’t aware certain birds prefer certain seeds? Still others prefer nectar; make it right and birds will flock to your backyard with glee; make it wrong and you are likely to do nothing more than attract bees.

Bird watching is indeed a delicate art and a fun sport, one you can enjoy alone or in the company of friends and family. To make the most of your bird watching opportunities, I highly recommend you get a proper education.

Most bird watching guides contain plentiful information in the way of pictures, genealogy, anatomy and the taxonomy of bird watching.

For the first time bird watcher, this information can be overwhelming.

What if there was a simple guide you could download in just two minutes, and finish reading within the hour? Learn everything you needed to know about bird watching in less than one hour. In fact, you could start setting up a bird’s paradise in your backyard today, with the right information.

THEN, and only then, after you’ve spent some time navigating the waters of beginning bird watching, we recommend you take on some advance practices.

Here’s what every beginning bird watcher needs:

  • 5 essential bird watching toolkit items every novice bird watcher MUST have to embark on a successful bird watching adventure.
  • The #1 essential bird watching tip that will change the way you view bird watching and your approach to wild birds forever.
  • 5 unique characteristics of birds every bird watcher NEEDS to learn before they can track birds carefully and successfully.
  • A handy, quick and easy guidebook that teaches them how to chart, categorize and classify information about the birds they watch and discover.
  • A simple and unique tool that offers novice bird watchers the opportunity to record and verify the sounds and songs of birds they find and locate in the wild.
  • And MUCH MORE!

If you are someone interested in learning all there is to know about bird watching, then take the next step. In just two minutes you can download our unique guide, and learn everything you need to start bird watching.

Not only that, we’ll provide you with listings to more than 15 advanced bird watching resources. Find out where to download tracking software, maps, photographs and more to help you as you advance in your bird watching adventures.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting and intriguing adventure:


The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching

Learn how to unlock the power within and start a successful bird watching career immediately. Click Here for more information…

Why birds? Because they are simple, because they are beautiful, and because the sport of bird watching is both challenging and rewarding. It can also boost your mood AND improve your health.

Do all hobbies do the same? Are you aware there is a difference between a bird’s song and a bird’s call?

Do you know what the birds in your neck of the woods are saying?

Jump on the bird watching bandwagon. Bird watching is fast becoming one of the nation’s most popular pastimes.

You can even jump on a cruise and enjoy bird watching while also taking part in a relaxing vacation. There are cruises headed out right now to exotic locals, all in the search of you named it… bird watching.

A bird watcher's delight!






Did you know many of our favorite birds are soon to be extinct? You can help! Find out what you can do to save your favorite bird’s natural habitat. When you order your copy of, The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching, we’ll provide you valuable resources and links you can use to start taking an active role in conservation. Protect your favorite species!

Anyone can succeed at bird watching. Even better, anyone can benefit from enjoying a fun and exciting new hobby. Not only will YOU benefit, but our finely feathered friends will benefit.

I’m interested in getting the word out. As part of my bird watching adventures, I’ve learned many of my favorite birds are facing extinction. So I made a promise to myself, and to my fine feathered friends. I’m going to do anything and everything I can to help conserve their natural habitat.

That’s where you come in. I am inviting you to try The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching, absolutely RISK FREE.

Why do I care? You’ll soon find out. Bird watching is extraordinary. Once you take up the hobby, you’ll find you too are intrigued not only by the birds that grace our backyards, but also by their plight for safety. You can help.

Here’s how. Start bird watching. Find out how it changes YOUR life. RISK FREE. Use the resources provided in my guide to sign up with local conservation agencies. Find out everything and anything you can about the wildlife in your area.

I am so convinced you will notice a marked improvement in the quality of your life, I’m willing to throw in a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If this book doesn’t help you successfully start your career in bird watching, AND encourage you to save the birds you love from extinction, just shoot me a note. I’ll refund your money.

Try the Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching Risk Free For 90-Days… And Keep Your Toolkit!

Just give it a try. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about. Check it out: The Beginner’s Guide To Bird Watching

Find out how the simple act of watching birds can change your life…

Download Your Copy Instantly

I guarantee in no time at all you will become obsessed with the fun and challenging sport of bird watching.

Order your copy today and receive our free toolkit, specially designed for the beginner bird watcher in mind.

Do your part to preserve the sound and songs of music our fine feathered friends provide us free, each and every day.

I look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to check back in and share with us your experience of bird watching!




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