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The 5-Minute Guide (eBook)

The 5-Minute Guide (eBook)


Selling high ticket products is the ultimate way to monetize any website or blog. In fact, this is such a great business model that you actually don’t need a website or blog - using a high ticket business model you can start making a living from internet marketing immediately.


So what exactly is high ticket, anyway? And how is it so different from other methods of monetization?


Simply put, high ticket means that a product is being sold at a premium. Whereas you might sell an ebook or another digital product for $10 or $30, a high ticket item would be something that sold for a minimum of $99. This can go a lot higher though - $2,000 products are common and some will go into the tends or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!


This then means that with a high ticket item, you can stand to make much more money from a few sales than you could do from even hundreds of sales of other digital products. If you’re selling something at $10,000, then you only need to sell four or five items in order to make a years salary!


Of course you’ll often sell a lot more than that and this makes the high ticket business model incredibly scalable. Start selling hundreds of items and you’ll looking at a five or six figure salary.


Interested? Good! And here’s the good news: selling a high ticket product is much easier than you probably think. Read on and in this guide, well look at exactly the steps you need to take to start making money from your own high ticket item and to ensure that your business is a roaring success.