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Taking Care of Your Dog Safely and Naturally (Audio & eBook)

Taking Care of Your Dog Safely and Naturally (Audio & eBook)

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"Are You Ready to Transform Your Dog Into an Obedient and Composed ‘Poised Pooch’ That Will Follow Your Every Command and Behave Under ANY Circumstances? If so, Then I've Got GREAT News...


For the First Time Ever, The Impenetrable Canine Mind Has Been ‘Cracked!’ - Take This Exclusive Opportunity to Peek Inside It and Discover Expert Training Tactics and Techniques That Are Guaranteed to Tame Even the Rowdiest, Most Unruly Dog!


Keep Reading to Learn How To Raise and Train a Dog From Any Age to Follow Orders Like a Soldier - Even if He’s as Wild as a Wolf!"


From:  Rich PLR


Dear friend,


Let's be honest with ourselves here,


Everyone obviously knows that dogs - however cute, lovable and playful they may be at times - they can be (sometimes extremely!) difficult at others!


It doesn't matter whether you are trying to raise your puppy into a healthy dog...


Or matter whether you've tried to train and discipline your dog so that it responds to your commands and learns the behaviors you want it to (and it won't!)...


Or whether you are simply curious and want to learn everything there is to know about dogs - how to look after them, care for them, tend to their needs (and even how to understand "dog language") the right way - like a true dog lover should...


None of that really matters right now.


That is, until you place yourself in the "inner circle" of dog-training knowledge containing secrets and tricks that allow experts to charge CRAZY fees - for nothing more than implementing proven principles.


You will learn all of that above and tons more.


And yes, you bet, the PROVEN principles I'll be talking about are the EXACT ones that you'll be learning today so...


"...I Suggest You Cancel Your Next Appointment With Your Personal Dog Trainer IMMEDIATELY..."


...because you certainly won't be needing him or her once you're "in the know."


And it's absolutely true - because that's what you'll be learning - how to train your dog... including every nitty gritty little detail the dog trainers know off by heart.


Within the next couple of minutes, you WILL pick up on information that you probably thought would never be possible to obtain so easily.


You WILL learn a range of tips, tricks and techniques, so honed, and so fine-tuned, that even if you hired a personal dog trainer at $50-100 PER HOUR or more to stop that repetitive bad behavior - he or she would NOT reveal them.


Here's a Revealing Look at the Secrets You Are About to Learn that Are Sure to Have Personal Dog Trainers Barking Mad!


  • For a revealing look at the history of man’s companionship with dogs, turn to page 3, where I’ll describe how these lovable companions have assisted their human counterparts for countless decades – some of these roles held by “Rover” may surprise you!


  • Without a doubt, dogs are definitely “Man’s Best Friend,” but to actually understand how these loveable furballs think and act, flip to page 8, where I’ll discuss the inner-workings behind dogs’ notorious traits, from socialization to loyalty and everything in between!


  • No matter how sweet and affectionate your pooch may be, the scientifically-proven natural instincts borne in EVERY dog can take control of your dog’s personality at any moment. Discover the 4 situations for when these primal instincts are bound to take over by opening-up to page 10 TODAY!


  • Before punishing poochy the next time he or she chews up your favorite shoe or book, consider the expert advice contained on pages 13 and 14 that reveals, once and for all, the TRUTH about the so-called “accepted” punishing norms!


  • You may have heard that taking care of a puppy is like taking care of a baby, and just like a human baby, puppies require special training and handling. For guidance you can TRUST on socializing your new puppy with everyone from your own children to total strangers, turn to page 15!


  • How you handle your new puppy can create a startling difference in the temperament and personality he’ll exhibit for the rest of his life, and to guarantee a gentle personality around both humans and animals alike, flip to page 17, where I’ll pass-down “expert approved” guidelines for handling and brushing your puppy!


  • Veterinarians agree that puppies require highly-specialized diets in order to grow healthy and free of ailments, and feeding them the “No-No’s” revealed on pages 18 and 19 could be the BIGGEST MISTAKES you could make in this fragile, vital period of growth!


  • With the heart-breaking pet food recalls that resulted in the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats, it’s no wonder dog lovers everywhere are hesitant to feed their dog just any old food.
  • But if you let my advice on page 20 be your guide, I’ll ease your mind with everything you need to know about feeding your dog, from choosing the right foods to when, where, and exactly “how much!” to give!


  • No matter how big or small, ALL dogs have extremely specific requirements that must be met when it comes to living conditions. On page 22, I’ll share my advice on making sure your dog’s living conditions are met to the tee, including how to make bedding conditions proper for ANY season of the year!


  • Also, discover how abandoning your dog can inflict him or her with startling psychological consequences, and find out the “RIGHT way” to leave your dog alone or unattended for any length of time!


  • Exercise is just as essential for a dog’s health as it is for a human’s, and to discover just how important it really is, look no further than page 24, where I’ll disclose the 3 indispensable health components that are improved, and sometimes even sustained, by exercise!


  • Before you even THINK about buying one of the many brands of dog food available, consult page 26, which contains a no-holds-barred exposé that tears down the walls of the billion-dollar dog food industry to reveal the 6 “must-have” components of any dog food worth its “bite,” along with 3 commercial brands that experts have identified as first-class sources of energy for YOUR dog!


  • Beginning on page 34, learning these all-purpose tips will be like shining a flashlight into your dog’s brain and revealing just what it is that makes him or her “tick”; from the factors that compel him or her to be a “good dog” to the overbearing canine instincts, these expert-approved tips shed light on some of the heftiest realities of dog ownership!


  • Before you can train your dog to follow your utmost standards, you must become the “Alpha Dog” – and beginning on page 38, I’ll disclose the tips, tactics and techniques you MUST follow if you want to correctly assume your new esteemed position.


  • …And on page 40, I’ll tear-apart 4 of the most momentous myths surrounding the essential duties of the Alpha Dog to reveal the nitty-gritty on how you should REALLY carry out your relationship with your dog! 


  • One of the most dreaded processes for any dog owner is Housetraining, but if you turn immediately to page 43, I’ll bestow the golden tips and tactics that will make facing this unavoidable step as EASY as playing fetch!
  • From establishing easy routines to handling mistakes the right way, no dog owner should even THINK about training his or her dog without this guide in hand!


  • If you want to train your dog to follow your every command – after all, who DOESN’T want their dog to retrieve the morning newspaper? – then flip to page 47, where I’ll break-down the 4 ridiculously easy-to-follow steps to behavior training your dog to complete almost ANY task.


  • Your pooch’s unique love and personality is irreplaceable, and with this little-known, highly sought-after tactic divulged on page 49, you’ll NEVER have to waste another moment worrying that your dog might ever run away, get lost, or even get hit by a car!


  • Believe it or not, dogs can actually ENJOY being in a crate, and for the fool-proof methods guaranteed to crate-train your dog in no time, open-up to page 51 – regardless of if your dog sleeps outside in a doghouse or inside by your bed, I’ll arm you with all the knowledge you need to know!


  • Despite your BEST efforts, sometimes it can be seemingly impossible to break an aggressive dog of his harmful habits, but on page 54, I’ll confront your toughest issues – regardless of if this means barking, biting, or pure aggression – and disclose the techniques used by VETS to tame even the “wildest beast!”


  • IF the dog experts on TV and in the media gave these 5 dog training secrets away, they’d go out of business! …But all you’ve gotta' do to obtain these fundamental secrets is turn to page 60 for a revealing “Special Report” that answers the questions the so-called “expert’s” DON’T want answered!


...and that barely even covers it all!


As you can see, I've "consulted" the ‘Top-Dog’ Experts in the field to get the skinny on dog training methods that bring RESULTS - QUICK!


However, the experts probably never thought I’d remember every single one of their precious, most guarded secrets that have been proven to work time and time again - nor did they think word would ever get out (e.g. you, today).


And it's a good job that this has got out.


Without “Taking Care of Your Dog Safely and Naturally” you can safely assume that your local personal dog trainer would have kept most of this from you.


Instead, he or she would simply perform the techniques themselves - charging a service fee - by visiting you at home, and happily keep coming back for repeat "improving" sessions.


When in reality - you could just do the exact same things yourself... probably with even better results


(I mean, after all, it is your dog, right?)


Who better to do it than yourself?


You can try and say it's hard, or that it's expensive and time consuming - but that excuse ain't gotta' work today because I know for a fact that it doesn't have to be.


So why fork over your hard-earned money to personal dog trainers?


You don't need to!


Take action today before the ‘experts’ literally ‘Sick The Dogs’ on me!”


I mean, what more can I say?


The cost of this incredible resource is $37.


Crazy, I know - but so true (see the order form if you don't believe me!).


You can easily download it to your within minutes.


You don't have to call anyone, arrange any meeting or interrupt your schedule.


And you certainly don't have to pay extortionate fees, when you could simply do it all yourself...


The dog trainer and his/her outrageous fees aren't even in this equation!


The decisions yours.


A decision that you may not get the chance to make again.


So choose wisely!


Oh and by the way - probably most important of all - IF you can't seem to agree with me that this book is worth AT LEAST TEN TIMES your investment today, then I urge you to enforce your GOD given rights (below) -->


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


--> Here's My Personal Promise To You: Between Now and the Next 58 Days, You Fall in Love With Your Copy of “Taking Care of Your Dog Safely and Naturally” or You Get a Full and Prompt Refund!


If for any reason at all you change your mind about ordering now; you think your investment of $9.95 isn't justifiable; or you've just found something better (or for less) - I'll promptly and courteously refund every penny of your money.


No conditions, no questions asked, and definitely no hard feelings.


You'll got a full 58 days to test out everything mentioned in the book, and if there's something you don't like (even if it's the color of the font!) then it is within your god given right to an immediate, quibble-free refund.


Even if it's the 59th minute of the 23rd hour of the 57th day.


And, as a way of showing my appreciation for taking the time to test drive my methods and techniques, I'll let you keep your copy FOREVER (whether you ask for a refund or not) - just for having faith in me.


That's how confident I am in the material that I prepared especially for you. In fact, you were just the person I was thinking of when I was putting this incredible resource together.


And finally, I respect your integrity and honesty, so I believe that you won't take advantage of me by trying to pull a "freebie" on me.


Even if you could get away it ;)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hope to see you soon :)


Looking forward to your success story,


Rich PLR


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


P.S. # 1 - There’s no question that your dog is a member of the family, but aren’t you tired of dealing with the rowdy behavior, cleaning up after his messes, or just plain having to deal with him? After all, you didn’t buy your dog because you wanted another responsibility to watch every minute of the day, did you?


P.S. # 2 - It doesn’t matter if you want to train your dog to retrieve the newspaper every morning, or if you want to transform him into a straight-statured, rigidly-poised servant that will meet your every need like a furry little butler – the methods waiting for you in this book WILL help you reach your goals!


P.S. # 3 - Hiring some fancy-schmancy dog trainer will cost you thousands of dollars for an outcome that might not even be what you had in mind…but if you harness the potential that these expert-approved tips and techniques hold, you can raise and train practically any dog to YOUR standards!