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Sunless Tanning Guide

Sunless Tanning Guide

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Rainy Day Tanning


Ever Wish You Could Have a Hollywood Tan?

Are You Afraid of the Risk of Cancer Associated With Tanning?

Have You Ever Tried Tanning From a Bottle?


Find Out All About What’s HOT and What’s NOT in the World of Tanning!


Who hasn’t aspired to a beautiful suntan at some point in their lives?  After all isn’t it one of the guarantees to a happy and successful life?  At least that’s what the world of marketing would have you believe.

All you need to do is turn on your television set or pick up a magazine to find your favorite celebrities looking tanned and fit and instilling that niggling little desire to see the same results when you look in a mirror.  In fact, those same marketing firms are banking on it!

The Ugly Truth

The reality is that a sun tan can be extremely hazardous to your health.  Some of us can remember the hours upon hours we spent on the beaches and surfboards alternately burning and toasting.  One of the tricks back then was using straight baby oil to speed up the process!

Sadly, we are now facing the consequences of those actions.  In fact, many of us have lost some of our fellow friends and sun lovers to the ravages of skin cancers. 

The good news is that there are now alternatives.  Knowing what they are and how they apply to us personally can be difficult. 

Where to Get the Answers

Learning just how much tanning is the right amount and how to go about it can be daunting.  Finally, there is a solution.  You can discover how to sizzle your way to a perfect tan without frying in the sun.

That’s where we come in.  “The Sunless Tanning Guide” is your source for questions and answers about how to achieve a beautiful tan while avoiding all the frightening side effects.  

Not only does it cover what some of those horrific side effects are but you will also learn about this as well:

Learn about the different kinds of invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays Find out about how these two distinctly different types of “gifts” from the sun and why you should pay attention to your exposure

Exactly what is Melanoma Sure, you’ve heard the word and you probably even know that it is a particular type of cancer.  Find out why it’s so deadly and how to avoid it.

Find out about dehydration and sunstroke Discover the proper procedures to follow when using any type of tanning method.

Find out even more

You can also learn about exactly how the skin tans.  There really ARE some benefits to sunlight.  You just need to learn the ground rules about how to expose yourself to those rays

Did you know that winter sun can be just as deadly as the hot summer sun?  Many people have no idea of the potential dangers and head off to the ski slopes unprotected.

You should also be aware of the health effects of using sun beds. 

Do you know the downsides of both sun and sunless tanning?  You should if you are considering either method.  “The Sunless Tanning Guide” explains it all.

Risk Free Guarantee

Can we guarantee you safe tanning if you read “The Sunless Tanning Guide”?  Of course not! 

But, we have removed all the risk of learning about tanning.  We will guarantee that “The Sunless Tanning Guide”  will give you the answers you need to decide whether sunless tanning is the route for you to follow when seeking that “celebrity tan.”

Look, we could go on and on about the information you will find inside this terrific guide.  The best thing for you to do is get your copy right now. 

Order your copy of “The Sunless Tanning Guide” right now and get the answers to all of your questions today!  You’ll be glad you did.


Remember, we guarantee it!



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