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Staying In Touch  PLR Ebook

Staying In Touch PLR Ebook

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Consistent follow-up with your customers for your e-mail autoresponder has never been more important if you want repeat business in the future.


Have you found yourself meaning to be diligent about following up on your free report sign ups – or even on actual sales – but found yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused, out of your depth…and handling complaints?


You may find you’re actually kicking yourself for making silly little follow up mistakes… or promising your list a free special report, then letting it disappear into the realm of Things Forgotten (or Things You Don’t Have Time For).


And eventually, you may even start to notice your sign ups – especially from “repeat customers” – begin to actually drop off!

You may feel like you’re too busy, and you certainly are working hard… but most likely the problem is not having a focused follow up plan. One which uses:


- Easy habits to maintain


- Time saving techniques and strategies


- A flexible but consistent structure


  1. The 3 feelings you must invite to keep them moving smoothly through your process


  1. 2 powerful tactics to avoid reinventing the wheel – and freeing you up to better observe and refine the results


  1. 5 ways to make sure you don’t get burned by contractors, if you decide to outsource


  1. How to prepare for a great relationship with your new subscriber and future customer right from your first contact


  1. How to create a smoothly-flowing follow up email series that will make your customers open your next communication – for sure

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- 25 Articles (TXT, DOC)
- Ebook (PDF, DOC) 27 pages