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Slithery Creature Care

Slithery Creature Care

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About Reptiles


Getting to know a little more about reptiles and the basic care required would help the individual make decisions on its suitability as pets. This is often necessary, as reptiles are not really considered a common choice for a pet; therefore there is not a lot of supporting material easily available on them for the individual deciding to have one as a pet.


Learning as much as possible about reptiles would allow the individual to be more informed on whether the choice made would be a suitable fit into his or her current lifestyle.


As there are commonly three basic categories of reptiles suitable as pets, the care given would very much centre on the distinct requirements of the corresponding category the pet falls into. These categories would include the handleable, semihandleable and the visual.


The reptile pet would need to have ideal living conditions in order to survive comfortable and without the adequate knowledge on the varying temperatures required, it is more than likely the reptile will suffer the consequences which could range from mild to dangerous.


Most reptiles need to be placed in suitable conditions where they can draw on the surroundings for the necessary heat for their bodies. This is because predominantly reptiles cannot generate body heat within the body, which is referred to as ectothermic.


As there are several different types of foods that usually make up the food varieties for the reptile pet, the owner would need to have a good basic knowledge of the pet reptile’s preferences.


After the initial excitement wears off, the owner often finds it difficult to cope with the various tasks involved in up keeping the pet in the way it is accustomed to. Here in lies the problem, as these pet owners will eventually become desperate and may seek to abandon the pet at the first sign of trouble.


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