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Secrets of a Low Carb Diet (Audio & eBook)

Secrets of a Low Carb Diet (Audio & eBook)

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At Last… A Straightforward Solution For Those Interested In Adopting The Low Carb Lifestyle…


A Simple, Yet Effective Way To Make The Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle Work For You, Not Against You…

A Life Transforming Way To Conquer Fat Permanently… Learn The Secrets Of Low Carb Living, So You Can Finally Enjoy The Body YOU Deserve


From the Desk of: Rich Lanning

Re: A Simple Low Carb Dieting Solution


It’s time to STOP dieting and start living… ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?

Are you caught in the constant struggle to lose weight? Are you determined to succeed, but confused by the millions of false advertisements and diet plans out there?

Americans are spending THOUSANDS of dollars every year on diet plans that fail… most are realizing very few real results, results that last a lifetime.

There are low fat diets, grapefruit diets, and fasting diets, supplement diets… How is anyone supposed to know what the right diet is for them?

The truth is, there is no ONE diet that works for everyone. However, there are studies confirming certain diets have real benefits for real people, benefits that last a lifetime.

Are you determined to change your life in a positive way, and start enjoying life rather than dreading it? Then it’s time you take action to educate yourself about low carb living.

Low carbohydrate diets are not “diets” in the traditional sense of the term. They are a lifestyle, a way of living that may reduce your risk for disease, improve your self-esteem and change your outlook on life.

Not convinced? Read  on…

A Duke University Medical Study Published In The International Journal Of Cardiology Showed Low Carbohydrate Diets May Lower Your Risk For High Cholesterol…

And that is not all! Studies confirm low carbohydrate diets, when followed for six months or more, can improve your overall triglyceride levels and the amount of good fats, or HDL, in your body.

Patients with Type II diabetes may realize tremendous benefits from living a low carb lifestyle, because a low carb diet can help them preserve optimal blood sugar levels.

Are you a carbohydrate addict? Does your lifestyle consist of primarily refined carbohydrates and processed foods?

Watch out, you may be placing your life at risk…

People Consuming More Than 50% Refined Carbohydrates Increase Their Risk Of Certain Cancers By 200%

Study after study denounces the consumption of refined carbohydrates, yet they are a staple in the lives of thousands of Americans.

Our bodies however, were not genetically designed to process refined carbohydrates and other simple sugars… here’s why.

In prehistoric times, humankind’s diet consisted primarily of lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, fruits, nuts and seeds. Why? That was what was readily available for people to eat. Vegetables and meat were the staple of mans diet.

The consumption of carbohydrates is in fact, a relatively modern phenomenon, one that evolved slowly as human beings discovered ways to manufacture foods.

The result? Increasing obesity at record levels.

I wonder if you have already begun to notice the fact that people are getting fatter. It’s because people are eating too many foods their bodies aren’t genetically programmed for.

There is good news however! If you are interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can adopt a low carbohydrate lifestyle and realize improvements. In fact, here are just a few of the benefits commonly associated with low carbohydrate lifestyles:

  • Decreased fatigue often caused by consumption of too many refined carbohydrates or processed foods.
  • Steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds every week, permanent weight loss, the kind that doesn’t come back.
  • Easy to follow diet that doesn’t often involve calorie restriction so you feel full and satisfied throughout the day.
  • Improved self-esteem as you begin to lose weight and feel better about the body you live in.
  • Convenient eating as stores and restaurants adopt more low carbohydrate menu items.
  • Increased levels of HDL cholesterol (the good kind) in the body.
  • Increased muscle mass which may boost your metabolism and result in ongoing weight loss.


How do you know if the low carbohydrate lifestyle is right for you? That depends on many factors, including your goals.


Ask yourself, are you someone who:

  • Is tired of dieting and wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will improve their overall wellness, not just impact their weight.
  • Someone looking for a long-term solution to weight related problems.
  • Someone confused by all the propaganda surrounding weight loss and fitness, and wanting help differentiating fact from fiction.
  • Someone tired of all the hype surrounding most diet plans?
  • Someone interested in the low carbohydrate lifestyle, but lacking knowledge and information to get started?


The good news is you’ve landed in just the right place! There is a simple and easy solution for all the people out there looking for a single source that will teach them the real secrets, facts and fallacies about low carbohydrate diets…


Secrets Of A Low Carb Diet

Imagine finding a way to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet without restricting calories. The solution is right here. Secrets of a Low Carb Diet offers tactics and strategies that can help anyone succeed using the low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Here is just a small sampling of what you will gain when you Download Your Copy of this simple and easy-to-read guide:

  • Learn the history of low carbohydrate dieting, and how low carbohydrate dieting fits with humankind’s genetic capacity to burn food as fuel.
  • Discover the effects of eating too many simple & refined carbohydrates, and how to remove these harmful products from your diet in a few simple steps.
  • Discover the top 3 reasons low carbohydrate dieting is making headlines in the news.
  • Find out how to initiate your low carbohydrate diet successfully, by following our simple, 2-step strategy, and much more.
  • Learn the difference between the major low carbohydrate diet programs available, including:
  • The Atkins Diet
  • Carbohydrate Addicts Diet
  • The South Beach Diet
  • Sugar Busters Diet
  • Zone Diet


How much exercise do you need to engage in to make your low carbohydrate diet work for you?

Discover all this and more when you download our guide today. Because low carbohydrate diets are gaining popularity, because they are so effective, we are only able to offer this guide at our introductory price for a limited time.

These guides are literally flying off the shelves, so we encourage you to take advantage of this NO RISK limited time opportunity. For just $9.95, you can instantly download your copy of Secrets Of A Low-Carb Diet and start transforming your life in a positive way, forever.

What have you got to lose? How many more diets are you going to try before you find something that actually works for you?

We are so convinced this guide is just what you need to kick start your low carbohydrate diet, we are willing to offer you our unconditional guarantee.

Order Your Copy Today And Receive Our 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!


No questions asked.

Are you spending huge amounts of money on diets that don’t work or dangerous supplements that may impact your health permanently? Are you tired of all the false promises other programs offer you?

This is your chance to find out exactly what a low carbohydrate diet is, why it works and why it may be the best plan for you.

Are you maximizing your potential for success? You are when you invest in your health. CLICK HERE and in just two minutes you can start reading the only guide that will help you navigate the sea of information when it comes to low carbohydrate dieting.

If you are really serious about taking control of your health, Secrets Of A Low-Carb Diet is YOUR answer to successful living.


Stop Wasting Your Money On Phony Plans That Don’t Work… If You Want To Succeed At Weight Loss, You Must Commit To A New Way Of Thinking

Remember, low carbing is a lifestyle, not a diet. It is a tool you can use to transform your body from flab to fab and keep your body healthy for years to come. No more crash dieting. No more losing weight only to gain it back.

Now, we realize there is a lot of information out there, good and bad press about low carbohydrate dieting. We are willing to put our necks out and provide you with the good AND the bad when it comes to low carbohydrate dieting.

In Secrets Of A Low Carb Diet, we’ll give you the opportunity to compare low carbohydrate diets with other diets, like the low fat diets, so you can judge for yourself which is best.

There are no hidden agendas here, just cold hard information that will provide you the education you need to make a good decision when it comes to your health.

The #1 Reason People Fail Is NOT Because They Aren’t Motivated… It’s Because They Don’t Have The Right Knowledge…

Let us change all that. Let us prepare you for your future by providing you the knowledge you need to succeed. This book is your opportunity to discover for yourself what all the hype is about low carbohydrate dieting. Is it a fad or a lifestyle? You be the judge. Remember, you having nothing to lose… but everything to gain by this small investment.

SAVE yourself time and money wasted on false plans or dangerous supplements. ACT NOW and download your copy through our secure server. In just minutes you’ll gain access to the #1 information guide available on dieting and fitness.

What are you waiting for? This is YOUR chance to shine, your chance to finally end the vicious cycle of losing then gaining the weight back.

Find out how to stop the cycle and transform your life and figure into the lean, mean machine you always envisioned it could be.



I’m Tired Of Baloney Programs, Give Me The Real Deal On Low Carbing!

Act now and start living the life you always dreamed of. You deserve it. It’s easy! You don’t have to keep wishing you had the body you always wanted. Make precise lifestyle changes and you will start to see real differences, changes you can enjoy permanently.

Don’t waste another minute wishing. Start realizing…