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Scrapbooking (Audio & eBook)

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“Remember This Moment FOREVER!”

Do You Want to Create LASTING Memories to Share With Family?

Are You Craving to Express Your Creativity?

Do You Enjoy Time with Friends Sharing Ideas and Having Fun?


Have Fun, Be Creative and Preserve Your Cherished Memories with SCRAPBOOKING!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Scrapbooker,

It's a hobby that has swept the nation - and why not? Scrapbooking not only helps you preserve your treasured memories but brings groups of friends together and allows you to express your personal taste and creativity in a fulfilling project.

Whether you've been a long-time scrapbooker or are just getting started, fresh ideas and tips on organizing your projects will help you develop your scrapbooking style and have everything you need to do it!

 “How Precious Are YOUR Memories?”

Children, pets, weddings, reunions, and so on...there are so many special memories that too often we forget the details and the emotions we felt at the time. Photographs are invaluable in recording the images, expressions and subjects of our memories, but scrapbooking goes one step further...

Scrapbooking not only organizes the photos we've taken, it captures the mood, setting and sense of celebration we felt during those moments and presents it so those memories stay alive for ourselves and those who we share our scrapbooks with.

Not only is scrapbooking a brilliant way to capture these memories, but a great way to create memories too! Many scrapbookers enjoy sharing ideas and materials with other scrapbookers in a fun and relaxing setting. Much as quilting bees brought grandmother's together for fun and gossip, scrapbooking fills an important social need for women today.

 "How to Turn Moments into Memories”

Do you want to know how scrapbooking got started or why it's so popular? Do you wonder what you need to start or how to come up with ideas for your scrapbook?

Whatever your experience or level of creativity you will be sure to enjoy selecting photos, composing pages to tell a story and enjoying your finished project! As you gain confidence and learn from others your skills will continue to grow and delight you. Here's how to get started...

Scrapbooking -  How to Turn Moments into Memories

    • How Scrapbooking Started
Scrapbooking is certainly not new, but how did it begin and how has it changed?

      • Why Scrapbooking is so Popular Today
    What made women around the world jump on the scrapbooking band wagon? What's the secret to it's popularity?
      • What You Need to Get Started
    You may be easily overwhelmed with the multitude of scrapbooking materials available, but here's what you need just to get started...
      • Tips for Choosing the Right Pictures
    Pictures are key to creating great scrapbooks. Follow these tips to select the RIGHT pictures for your project.
      • Learning About Composition    
    Composition will highlight your pictures and make your scrapbook pages pleasing to the eye. Find out how to compose your books.
      • Learning How to Use Color and Pattern
    Color and pattern add to the mood and style of your book. Here are some tips for using them in your projects.
      • How to Cut and Crop Images    
    Cutting and Cropping are common ways of creating eye-catching compositions - find out the right way to work with your images.
      • Tips for Matting Photos
    Learn how matting can highlight special photos and add sophistication to your scrapbooking project.
      • Ideas for Adding Extra Detail    
    Scrapbooks can be simple or complex, but these ideas will certainly set yours apart!
      • How to Incorporate Memorabilia
    Scrapbooking is not just for photos - find out how memorabilia can be used to make your book extra special.    
      • How to Use Found Objects in Your Design
    Looking for cheap ways to accessorize your pages? Here are some fabulous ideas!
      • How to Add Text to Your Pages
    Pictures tell a lot of the story, but your words will fill in the gaps and preserve the details - here's how.
      • Tips for Creating a Scrapbook Journal
    Want to keep a scrapbooking journal? Here's how to get started...
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • Tips for Creating Theme Pages
    Themes are great for adding interest to your books, here are some great tips to do themes right.    
    • How to Create Mini-Scrapbooks as Gifts
    Share your scrapbooking skills by making mini books for new moms, new brides or others!

     “Your Next Scrapbook is Waiting for YOU!”

    Days fly by and so do the opportunities to capture memories for a lifetime! Don't wait too long to get started - you'll soon find yourself coming up with new ideas for books or pages all the time so you'd better get going! 

    Tell your friends, plan a group and sit down for a good chat and tons of laughs! Pull out your shoe boxes of photos, discuss ideas and get started. But before you do, find out how to create books that you'll be proud to share with friends and family. All you need is a little guidance.

    So if you're ready to get creative, download ‘Scrapbooking - How to Turn Moments into Memories’ right now!

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    Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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    Rich PLR


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