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Saying Goodbye - Coping With Death

Saying Goodbye - Coping With Death

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The Worst Day of Your Life!

How to Say Goodbye Where to Begin Starting Over

Coping With Death!


It’s almost like you are wading through mud. Everything around you seems surreal. This can’t be happening to you. Losing a loved one happens to other people.

You should know, you’ve been to plenty of funerals and memorial services over the years. You’ve murmured those words, “I’m sorry for your loss” hundreds of times over your lifetime. Now you understand just how hollow they really sound and feel.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, prepares you for the death of a loved one!

Over the years you may have given some thought to what you would do if you lost your partner. But it was just a fleeting thought and nothing you gave serious consideration to.

After all, you have plenty of time to deal with such things. That only happens to other people. You and yours are going to live forever. You may even remember thinking those thoughts as you double over with gut-wrenching sobs.

The first day is given over to a numbness that is impossible to describe. It’s almost as if you are in a vacuum and aren’t sure what to do next. Then the friends and family appear.

Everyone is shocked and supportive. They all want to help and you may very well appreciate the assistance. Hours and days will meld and merge one into the other until the formal service is over. That’s when the finality hits you.

Friends and family return to their own routines and you now face the reality of putting the rest of your life in order. The sad thing about this is that few of us are really prepared.

Believe it or not most people do not leave a will, let alone instructions on the business end of dealing with the end of their life. Saying goodbye is hard enough. Once the dust settles coping with the details can be an uphill battle.

What Can You Do?

The time to deal with the business side of death is while we are alive. Yes, we’ve all heard this before but how many of us actually do it? Not enough. Why is that?

Well, it may be that we don’t know where to start. And, if that is the case, you are going to find “Saying Goodbye - Coping With Death” a valuable tool in dealing with this unwelcome task once and for all!

How a person regards death and dying has much to do with their culture and ethnicity. There are specific guidelines that some cultures and religions adhere to. It is very important that you document your wishes otherwise no one will know what your particular preferences are.


Other things to consider are what, if any, extraordinary measures to be taken to keep you alive should you become unable to communicate. “Saying Goodbye - Coping With Death” covers these sensitive topics as well as how to refuse treatment.


Do you have a current will? Again, you may be surprised how many people do not. It needn’t be a lengthy document, but it is necessary if you expect your wishes to be carried out.


What about life insurance? Do you have enough? Do you have any at all? What are your opinions on long term care? Have you considered your options regarding hospice care?


Do you have an attorney of record that your friends or family can contact in the event of your death? If so, do they know who it is?


Are you on an organ donor list? Again, does anyone know about it? It does sound like there are more questions about death than anything else, doesn’t it? That’s why a guide like “Saying Goodbye - Coping With Death” is so necessary. You can get the answers you need NOW and insure that your wishes and opinions are made known.



Our Risk Free Guarantee!


Listen, just like the old saying, the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. We don’t know when we are going. Don’t leave your loved ones having to second-guess your wishes. Coping with your death is traumatic enough. Be prepared.

Now, “Saying Goodbye - Coping With Death” will not guarantee you won’t die. However, what we will guarantee is your ability to identify those things that you can do NOW to make your ultimate passing as easy as possible for those you care about.

We do make it totally worthwhile with our no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

So, what have you got to lose? There is absolutely nothing and a whole lot to gain!