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Raising An Autistic Child

Raising An Autistic Child

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Will Your Child Be Diagnosed With an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Do You Know The Symptoms and What To Do If the Diagnosis is Positive?

Don’t Risk Your Child’s Future!

Learn How to Get the Answers You Need – Early Detection is Crucial


The really sad thing is that most parents of ASD children have no idea their child has a problem until something happens that brings the child to the attention of his pediatrician.

This happens because early on the symptoms can be masked by other behaviors.  The sooner a diagnosis is reached the quicker the family can begin understanding the disorder and learn how to best serve the child.

Which bears the question:

How do you know if your child is “at risk?”

That’s the problem with developmental disabilities.  While many are easy to spot just by looking at the physical appearance, autism is not so easy to distinguish because there are no physical abnormalities.

Everyone knows that autism exists but most people have no idea that autism is just one of the autism spectrum disorders let alone how to recognize the symptoms.

The only way to single out a child with autism is to know what characteristics to look for, and they may not be the same for all children!

When you don’t know the questions . . .

How do you get the answers?

Are you anxious to find out if your child’s behavioral characteristics could be a forerunner to something more ominous?

Are you afraid that your family history might cast an aura of risk and want to know before you have children?

All of those and more questions are answered in:

Raising An Autistic Child!

Let’s take a look:

  • What are Autism Spectrum Disorders – Explore the history of autism and dispel some of the myths.
  • What are the different types of ASDs – There are actually three different types. Do you know what they are?
  • What are the symptoms – This is an important one. Learn how to distinguish them from normal behavior.
  • What Causes Autism Spectrum Disorders – There are many theories and we discuss them here.
  • After the Diagnosis – Learning how to cope and absorb what you need to know as a parent of a child with an ASD.
      • Treatments and Therapies – A discussion about some of the therapies available.
  • Treating the Entire Family - What parents should tell their other children.
    • You will also learn:
  • How Do You Teach an ADS Child in Public School – Discover what the school systems have to offer for special needs children. You might be pleasantly surprised!
  • How to Teach Your ADS Child Social Skills – Even something as basic as toilet training is important.
  • When Your Child Becomes a Teenager – Explore some of the new challenges as your child matures.
  • What Causes Language (and speech) Problems in Autism – Communication problems are prevalent in ASD children. How to help overcome.
    • When Your Child Grows Up - What to prepare your autistic child for as an adult coping in society.The sooner you know the sooner you can educate yourself and prepare for the years ahead. There is absolutely no reason why you should not expect a happy life for your child.  
    • Only $4.95!
    • That is why early detection is so important. Get the answers you need today and prepare for tomorrow. Grab your copy of “Raising An Autistic Child” today!
    • The sooner you become aware of ASD in your child the quicker you can begin to prepare yourself for the future. You can overcome and help your child prepare him or herself for what lies ahead.