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Popular Prescription Drugs

Popular Prescription Drugs

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Do You Know What You’re Taking?


Ever Wished You Could Read Doctor Language?

Are You Taking Meds You Can’t Even Pronounce? Ever Wondered What Is In the Stuff You Give Your Kids?

Learn How to Understand What the Meds You Take Are Supposed to Do!


Dear Reader,

It seems like every day we hear about another recall of some product or another. Unless you or a loved one was seriously affected by the product chances are the information goes in one ear and out the other.

But, what if it’s a medication? And, what if it can take a long period of time before any ill effects show up? Only when it comes home to roost does it really make an impact on our lives.

Open up any medicine cabinet in the country and you are going to find at least one of the popular drugs that are prescribed by the thousands of doctors every day. We are definitely a “pill popping” society.

We take a pill to go to sleep. We take another to wake up. We take pills to eat less then take another to prevent heartburn. We take pills if we are sad. If we are repeatedly happy then sad we may have a mood disorder and have to take even more pills!

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.

Please don’t misunderstand. We live in a world that has brought about record-breaking treatments for various illnesses. These breakthroughs shouldn’t be ignored.

But, do you know what you are taking? Do you know why you are taking it and what it is supposed to do? You would be amazed at how many people ingest pill after pill blindly following the directions on the bottle with no regard for the reason they are taking it.



So, Who Is To Blame?


Your first inclination may be to blame the doctor. And, while there are a few exceptions, most doctors really do care about their patients. The problem with most is that they are just as encumbered by our medical system as the patients are.

The days of the small local practice are fading fast. Individual practices are practically all but a memory. Most physicians are now “employed” by a large medical corporation.

In order to keep their “job” they must meet the criteria set down by the corporation. They are required to post a set number of “billable” hours. For instance (this is a true story) one patient was actually charged $75 to teach her how to use an inhaler. That’s just one of hundreds of examples.

Was it the doctor’s fault? Not really. The doctor was just trying to meet their quota of “billable” hours. If doctors are facing this brick wall every day, when do they have time to study new treatments and medications?

This is but one reason why, as a patient, YOU must own responsibility for your own health care. That’s where “Popular Prescription Drugs” comes in.

What Can You Do?


“Popular Prescription Drugs” reviews 15 of the most widely used drugs in the country. Learn what these drugs are, what they are prescribed for and what the short and long term uses are for each.

Sure, the television ads paint rosy before and after pictures of patients who are taking a specific drug. And they quickly breeze through the side effects like they are a walk in the park!

That isn’t enough information to enable you to make an intelligent decision. “Popular Prescription Drugs” breaks down these 15 drugs into bite size plain speaking pieces that anyone can understand.

You learn the makeup of each drug. Discover exactly what the ingredients are supposed to do and what the final outcome is for your health. Sadly, we take more time reading labels to learn the content of our food than we do our medications!

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to know that what they are taking is necessary and will not harm them? We think you do and we bet that you do too!

Risk Free Guarantee

In fact, we are so sure that we give you our guarantee. We take the risk. We will guarantee “Popular Prescription Drugs” will give you enough information to answer your questions about these drugs or your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We guarantee it!

Only $4.95!