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Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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I already know two things about you. (1) You are an intelligent person (2) who has a weighty problem. I know that you are intelligent because you are seeking help to solve your problem and that is always the second step to solving a problem. The first one is acknowledging that there is, in fact, a problem that needs to be solved.


You need to lose some weight and it might surprise you to know that how much weight you need or want to lose is not an issue. It really doesn’t much matter whether you need to lose 10 pounds, 110 pounds or more....the process for losing weight is exactly the same for every pound that must be lost. Not only is the process the same but the formula for losing a pound is the same as well. We will discuss the process and the formula later in this book.


You have no doubt discovered that there are as many weight loss ‘experts’ as there are weight loss programs. You can find programs and gurus that will swear that counting carbohydrates is the only way to go and you will find programs and gurus that promise counting fat grams is the only way to go. You can find calorie charts and carbohydrate charts and fat gram charts everywhere. Some of them are even free.


The truth of the matter is that, yes, you are going to have to count something.....calories, fat, carbohydrates...or with some plans ‘points’. No will be counting something. We will be discussing the various counting options and then because you are an intelligent person you can choose for yourself what program will be the best one for you based on the facts that you will learn.


Here we will also be talking about ways to help you stay with your ‘healthier eating plan’ (never use the four letter word ‘diet’) long enough to learn how to manage your eating habits and thus your weight for the rest of your life.


Diet pills and physically altering surgeries are an option today. You have seen the ‘miracles’ of enormous weight loss by prominent people who have opted for these solutions. You will find out what those diet pills and surgeries are and the risks involved for opting for those solutions yourself.


We will begin by discussing the differences between natural and unnatural weight loss. You are an intelligent person. Read and decide for yourself which way is the right way for you.