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Living With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Living With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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— What do you know about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

"When Simple Becomes Painful!"


— The Truth About Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!



Dear Reader,

Is it difficult holding objects in your hand? Do you find yourself frequently dropping items? Do you have pain in your hand and/or wrist?

Carpel Tunnel is one of those diseases that creeps up on you.  It may begin with a slight ache in the palm of your hand then spread to your wrist. 

Suddenly you find yourself experiencing frequent, constant pain. You are probably like most people who blame it on aging.  You may shake it off and take an over the counter pain reliever.

In the United States alone, about 2 million individuals are suffering from the condition.  The majority are women over 30. The figures list them as three times more prone to the disease as men.

Do You Know?

1.  It is considered an inflammatory disorder caused by repetitive stress, physical injury or a medical condition.

2.  The physical cause is the thickening of irritated tendons (and other swelling in the area) that cause the narrowing of the passage and, in turn, compressing the median nerve.

3.  Certain occupations, hobbies or sports can leave you at higher risk for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.



Doctors are still hard pressed to determine the precise cause of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Except in patients with cited diseases associated with it, there is no known biological mechanism that leads to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

The good news is that there are treatments for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. There IS relief and you can learn all about it in “Living With Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.”

You can get a great education and fill in the blanks with ”Living With Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.”

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Take a quick look inside of ”Living With Carpel Tunnel” and see what you will learn:

Did You Know…


There are different kinds of treatments for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. The treatments range from simple exercises to surgery.

Both men and women can have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. While the majority of sufferers are women, men who are in specific industries are more susceptible to the condition.

If you are “at risk” for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome there are steps you can take to aid in prevention.

There is much more about this condition that you will access inside. Learn how to live with the disease, what are the treatments and what causes it.

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