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Living with Asthma (Audio & eBook)

Living with Asthma (Audio & eBook)

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If you or a loved one suffers from asthma, it’s time you discovered a life-transforming way to cope with your disease…


Learn Simple Facts That May Save Your Life If You Or A Friend Suffers From Asthma


More than 20 million Americans are diagnosed with asthma every year… learn how to protect yourself and improve your quality of life in one easy step!


Are you one of the millions of people living with asthma, searching for cures, treatment options and information about your condition? You’ve come to just the right place to learn everything there is to know about asthma… and related conditions.

Did you know the number of people diagnosed with asthma has increased more than 75% in the last two decades?

Worse, asthma is responsible for more than 13-million visits to physicians every year, and more than 1 million outpatient hospital visits?

More than 9 million children in the U.S. alone are diagnosed with asthma, a life threatening condition, every year…

What can you do to help? If you or someone you know suffers from asthma or suspects asthma, it is important you learn everything you can about this life-threatening condition.

Asthma isn’t a condition that affects an individual; it affects an entire family.

Each year asthma-attacks account for roughly 25 million lost workdays for adults. Even more children are affected by asthma every year, missing out on school days, and fun activities with their friends and family.


More than 5,000 people will die every year from acute asthma attacks….

These attacks may prove fatal if not addressed quickly. When it comes to asthma, the statistics are frightening. What is even scarier is more and more people are diagnosed with asthma, or symptoms of asthma every year.

What accounts for the rise in asthma? There are multiple factors contributing to asthma, including genetics, environment and lifestyle.

The good news is with proper information, you may be able to prevent deadly attacks and avoid common triggers that result in flares or illness in patients with asthma.

The American Lung Association, working with other health agencies including the Centers for Disease Control, reports that roughly 40% of children with asthma have asthma because of genetic reasons.

However, what of the other 60%? Other factors, including environment and lifestyle, may significantly impact one’s health. These causes may impact your health and that of your family.

The best cure when it comes to a disease like asthma is prevention. How do you protect yourself, and your family?

The best way to learn is by reading as much as you can about asthma. You can try to sort through the thousands of websites or books that talk about asthma. The problem with many is they don’t provide complete information, from prevention to treatment, for patients that have asthma or for family members looking for support.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a guide that teaches you everything you need to know about asthma, without wasting hours of your time OR your hard earned money?

We know what it is like to search for information, to seek answers where there seem to be so many. It’s hard to tell fact from fiction when it comes to disease.

Here is your opportunity to learn everything there is to know about your condition and start changing your life in a positive way, in a good and healthy way… forever.



Living With Asthma

The one and only guide you’ll ever need to learn everything there is to know about healing your life…

It’s important you learn everything there is to know about asthma, so you can start treating it right as soon as you learn of your disease. But… It can take hours to research a complicated disease like asthma. That’s why we’ve done the work for you.

We know what it is like to suffer from a serious health conditions. We’ve taken the time and energy to compile all the information you need to take care of your life, right from the beginning.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll learn in our up-to-date guide:

  • Find out what the different types of asthma are and how they affect lives differently.
  • Discover the 2 most common categories of asthma so you can learn how to better care for your condition.
  • Learn what causes asthma and the types of stimuli that may make your symptoms worse, so you can avoid them.
  • Discover the top 3 non-specific factors that may contribute to asthma, and what steps you can take to avoid attacks resulting from them.
  • Discover the 8 most common signs and symptoms of asthma so you know when to visit the doctor for help and information, and how you can avoid an asthmatic episode by learning more about your condition.
  • Learn how to get a proper diagnosis so you can receive the care and treatment you need - treatment that may prove lifesaving.
  • Find out whether prescription medications, natural remedies or a combination of traditional and alternative treatments is right for you.
  • Discover what it means to have asthma on a day-to-day basis, and situations you can avoid to improve your quality of life and life-expectancy.


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Asthma is a life-threatening condition. You never know when it will strike. To protect your health, you have to take action. Remember, asthma isn’t just a genetic condition…

More than 90% of children and 50% of all adults with persistent asthma present with allergies to specific irritants… do you know what allergens YOU must avoid?

Remember, you never know when or how asthma will affect your life. It is your job - your duty to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family.

Here are some other important details you will learn when you invest in your health:

  • Learn how to uncover your asthma triggers, so you know how and when to avoid them, and so you can prevent deadly attacks before they happen.
  • Find out what your limits are to prevent serious attacks from threatening your quality of life.
  • Find out how controlling your emotions can impact your health and well-being.
  • Discover where to find support groups where you’ll learn even more valuable information about your disease, and find comfort in sharing your disease with others.
  • And MUCH MORE!


You owe it to yourself and your family to learn as much as you can about asthma.  For the low introductory price of just $9.95, you can start making positive changes in your life and that of your family.

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More than 200 materials in your workplace can induce occupational asthma, even in people that never experienced symptoms before…

Are you going to become the next victim? You don’t have to. Stop suffering and start learning everything there is to know about asthma, before it’s too late.

All it takes is one step. We’ll even throw in a guarantee. If for any reason at all you are NOT satisfied with your guide, if you don’t believe it promises to deliver, then we’ll give you our unconditional, money-back guarantee. No questions, no quibbles.

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