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Living With Alzheimer's (Audio & eBook)

Living With Alzheimer's (Audio & eBook)

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Finally, All The Answers and Coping Techniques You Need to Learn How to Live With Alzheimer's



And Help Your Loved Ones Who Are Afflicted with This Disease



Are you struggling because your loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Are you overwhelmed by the implications this has on your family, your finances and your future? Are you confused about what you should expect and how to care for them during each stage? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

Thousands of families just like you are living with Alzheimer’s everyday. Whether you’re spouse, parent, friend or other family member has Alzheimer’s, It can be extremely trying at times. It can also surface uncomfortable emotions. To help you understand what lies ahead, we’ve developed the comprehensive, instantly downloadable ebook Living With Alzheimer's.


Living With Alzheimer’s was written with you in mind, meant to help you understand the disease and its unique symptoms.


Among many other things, you'll learn . . .

  • Symptoms, Warning Signs and Causes of Alzheimer’s
  • Learn The Most Common Drugs That Can Ease Symptoms
  • Discover Herbal Remedies That May Prevent or Delay The Onset

Living With Alzheimer's shows you:

  • What Alzheimer’s Is – Including Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Symptoms, Warning Signs and Causes of Alzheimer’s – So You Know What To Expect
  • What The Diagnosis Entails – Find Out What Tests, Samples and Examinations Are Necessary
  • Alzheimer’s Drugs and Treatments – Learn The Most Common Drugs That Can Ease Symptoms
  • Non-drug Interventions – Discover Herbal Remedies That May Prevent or Delay The Onset
  • Methods of Coping and Living with Alzheimer’s – Read About New Therapies To Help Patients Retain Their Memory
  • Ways to Care For Yourself – Find Out Important Coping Mechanisms To Sustain Your Own Well-being

Get The Critical Answers You Need

So You Can Cope With The Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

As you probably already know, Alzheimer’s Disease is progressive, causing brain function deterioration. Patients gradually loose their memory, decision-making and communications abilities. He or she may begin forgetting names – including yours – and appointments, or may start misplacing objects. They may feel depressing, moody or agitated. As a caregiver, you’re faced with tremendous feelings of loss and confusion. On top of this, you have more and more responsibilities to juggle.

But the comprehensive new ebook Living With Alzheimer's puts everything into perspective. You’ll gain insight and awareness into the disease. Learn how to maintain the patient’s emotional health. Discover tactics you can use to deal with constant life changes. Find out how counselors can help, and when they should intervene. Learn safety precautions that can protect you, your family and your loved one. Living With Alzheimer's will truly empower you. Download it right away.


Find Out What Drug Treatments Work – And How

Do you know what medications alleviate the early, ongoing and severe stages of Alzheimer’s? What can Vitamin E do for a patient? Which Anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and antipsychotic medications are most commonly prescribed to assist with agitation and other symptoms? Living With Alzheimer's has the answers. The 64-page, information-packed ebook gives straight answers about popular herbal remedies, so you can differentiate between the myths and the facts. Learn this, plus so much more!

Get answers to your pressing questions like:

  • What factors determine whether or not you’ll get Alzheimer’s?
  • Can Alzheimer’s be prevented?
  • Does the environment play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s?
  • Can young people get Alzheimer’s?
  • Are women more prone to acquiring this disease?

We’ll outline step-by-step what you can expect at each stage of the disease – from mild cognitive decline to moderate and very severe cases. This book shows you the physical, emotional and cerebral ramifications so you can plan ahead and offer the most effective, loving care and support. Be proactive. Get the answers, today!


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