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Important: Read this before we start your List Building Excellence Training...

I want to personally congratulate you for securing your copy of List Building Excellence and I can't wait for your money making to begin!

You’re well on your way to making massive amounts of money from your own internet list empire. 

Now, don't get me wrong you can make plenty of money with List Building Excellence but if you want to make even more money my “secret tools” which I named: List Building Excellence Training 2.

Take the next step and get the most out of
List Building Excellence 2- Video and Audio Course…

With List Building Excellence 2 you will speed up your list building and remember the saying is “the money is in the list”. Which is amazing to be able to earn money by creating a list of buyers that trust you and will buy from you.

On average, our customers who got the audio and video course made MORE money than only the ones who bought the List Building Excellence Course. 

It has been scientifically proven that those who learn by Audio and Video learn and remember more information than those that only read 

The unique benefits of video and audio courses include:

More Money Made With Lists. While the guide may tell you how to do it. With this portion of the course you will hear and see exactly what we do to bring customers into our massively profitable sales funnels. There are certain things you can only learn through watching exactly what we do. 

Shorter learning curve. After the video course you can have your own list up and running almost immediately. Literally overnight you can be on your way to creating your first list. 

Become a list building master. This is the best way to put yourself on the path to becoming a list building master. 

It’s simple. With List Building Excellence you are getting the base of your knowledge. This alone is enough to eventually get you a nice big juicy list and a lot of dollars in the bank. 

However, by investing into List Building Excellence 2,  the Video and Audio course you will reach your list goals MUCH faster and be extremely more profitable. 

Here is What You Will Learn With List Building Excellence 2:

In fact in the List Building Excellence e-book that you already have I am teaching you everything that you need in order to cash in....

With List Building Excellence 2 I am providing you with 10 Videos & MP3’s to speed up the process to have you start earning more money even faster.

List Building Excellence 2
Here is EXACTLY what you will learn:

In Video #1: You get a detailed explanation of what is in the training. Complete with an overview to get you introduced to the topics. A basic “how-to” of list building. 

In Video #2: In this video we will explain how list building works, the profit potential, and the absolute fastest way to get started on the way to building your own lists. 

In Video #3: You will learn why building a list is the most important strategy to working online today. Everyone says “The Money is in the List” for a reason…

In Video #4 to #8: You will learn the successful elements of building a list. What not to do, what to do and how grow your list and make the most money in the fastest amount of time possible.

In Video #9: You will get the outline to generate a good income as a list builder. The more lists and bigger the lists you build the more you will make. 

In Video #10: You will see list building techniques from some of the best internet list builders out there. 

Again, here are the benefits of creating a responsive list:?

A “One Click” cash generation system. The bigger your list the more you make. Need cash? Send them an email with a product. It really is that simple. 

Unlike other online models this one is long term, sustainable, and is beneficial for all parties. There are a LOT of people who make their fortunes off lists alone…

You can sell your list, create more lists, do joint ventures with others, and more.

Even if you don’t have a product there are thousands of people waiting to do a joint venture with you. 

Some of my friends like to call them “internet ATMs”. Although it’s not THAT easy…

I want you to make as much money as possible and if you are serious about making as much money as possible you will add List Building Excellence 2.

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I want you to earn as much money as possible...

I want you to stop focusing on earning just $1 at a time though...I want you to build huge buyers list!

I want you to earn thousands at a time!

Simply click on the button above to add List Building Excellence 2 to your order.

There are no additional forms to fill out and you are still in our secure processing area… so click on the button one time.


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To Your Success,

Rich PLR

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