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Let’s Go Camping! (Audio & eBook)

Let’s Go Camping! (Audio & eBook)

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Need An Exhilarating, Inexpensive Vacation?

We'll Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Camping - An A-Z Guide!




When was the last time you had fun – I mean real, can’t-stop-talking-about-it enjoyment? Do you need an inexpensive vacation for the entire family? Would you like to get away from it all and unwind?

Discover camping, the ideal family or couple vacation for just pennies compared to traditional excursions! Imagine waking to the crisp, fresh air, hands wrapped around a warm mug of refreshing coffee and birds chirping. Feel your body dip into a gently rolling, fresh stream, awakening all of your senses and completely washing away your stress. At night, sit beside a woodsy crackling bonfire beneath an enormous star-filled sky. Isn’t it an irresistible thought?

But ill-prepared campers face a different scenario. They may wake to painful backaches, itchy bug bites and soggy clothes from rain and tent leaks. When you camp without the proper equipment or knowledge, you’re not going to have a comfortable trip, but instead face chilly nights without wood to burn or critters feasting on your food stash. But It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ll show you what you need to create the best, most rewarding camping experience imaginable. 

Get ready to live a little! Whether a novice or pro, the spectacular 63-page ebook Let's Go Camping! An Introductory Guide to Camping gives you practical tips and guidance on:

  • Essential camping gear you should never leave home without
  • Choosing the ideal campground and campsite for your vacation
  • How to build a campfire; (It’s not as easy as it looks!)
  • Everything you need to know about food and water safety
  • How to live in harmony with animals and nature
  • How to set-up and arrange your comfortable camp site
  • Camping etiquette 101: Making friends (not enemy’s) with your neighbors
  • Proper ways to pack-up your belongings
  • The most popular U.S. and Canadian camping destinations
  • Plus so much more!


Food, Water and Shelter – Easy Enough?

Think Again!

Camping is a broad term used to describe outdoor living and recreation. But camping comes in a variety of different styles – from tent to RV or trailer. What best suits your personality? Do you know what to expect? The type of shelter and campsite you choose is as unique as your own personality. We’ll help you find the best option within your price range and objectives.

Let's Go Camping! includes professional guidance on selecting the ideal tent for the occasion, ways to cook outdoors and which equipment you may need. With no grocery stores or restaurants, planning and preparation have never been more important.  Learn the delicate balance of packing light while still bringing everything you need. Discover the ideal foods for traveling, offering much needed energy and requiring no refrigeration.

This comprehensive ebook is a must-have for anyone considering a camping excursion! Find out:


·         What you need (and need to do) for optimal safety

·         How to ensure you have a place to camp when you arrive at your destination

·         Purification processes for natural water (so you avoid dangerous microorganisms

·         Food safety habits to avoid stomach aches

·         Simple and easy meal suggestions

·         Important fire safety tips

·         Plus so much more!


Camping can be an exhilarating, magical and affordable vacation experience for just about anyone. It can bring families together for much-needed quality time or be an ideal, romantic get-away. Now you, too, can camp in style using lessons only professional campers have learned through hard work, trial and error. Learn their secret tips and techniques. Get started right away!


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If you buy Let's Go Camping! within the next 24 hours, we’ll also give you the accompanying audio book – absolutely free. That’s right, you’ll get the complete book Let's Go Camping! and the professionally recorded audio book for the low price of $9.95. So you don’t even have to read it! Use the book as a reference, and listen to the audio book in your spare time.

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