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Learning About LASIK

Learning About LASIK

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Looking for Lasik A Comprehensive Guide to Lasik Surgery


@#$%^&*  Under your breath you are spewing forth language you hope no one ever hears.  But it’s so doggone frustrating.  You’ve just dropped your latest pair of eyeglasses in the paint tray!

It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t the third pair in almost as many months!  Something has got to give.  Your optometrist is a really nice guy but putting his kids through college isn’t part of your own life plan.

You tried contact lenses only to discover that you are not a candidate.  Some people aren’t.  They just can’t wear them.  Chronic dry eye, working in the windy outdoors; the reasons are as varied as the people.

Once again the option of Lasik surgery is creeping into the back of your mind.  Humph!  Along with the thought comes the skepticism.  Or, should we say the fear?


Overcoming Fear!


Of all the fears associated with Lasik the largest by far is the fear of pain.  Heck, that’s probably true for the majority of people.  Any other time in our lives we link pain and surgery with anesthesia.

Since Lasik is conducted while the patient is awake that is a genuine consideration. But it might surprise you to know that your surgeon insures that your procedure is pain free.  How?  We explain the entire process in Looking for Lasik, A Comprehensive Guide to Lasik Surgery.

Another fear is one of “going under the knife.”  You’ll be surprised to learn of the many different options available that don’t necessarily require a scalpel.  We give you all the options available and how to select a procedure tailored to your needs.

Not everyone is a candidate for Lasik.  How do you know whether it is a viable option for you or a loved one?  We show you how to make that determination.  For instance, do you know the age threshold for a potential Lasik patient?  We tell you inside.


Wavefront or IntraLasik?


Which one is right for you?  Maybe you didn’t even realize that there is a difference.  Indeed you may never have never even heard of Wavefront or IntraLasik we give you the scoop on both of these.

You need to be familiar with all the procedures so you can speak with your surgeon intelligently at your diagnostic appointment.  Speaking of surgeons how do you go about selecting one?

Glad you asked.  Obviously the first consideration is a referral by a friend or family member who has had a successful Lasik procedure. Hmmm, does that mean there is such a thing as an unsuccessful procedure?

Well, of course there are.  But you may be surprised to learn that the odds are less than three percent.  Three percent!  That is huge when you consider how many Lasik procedures are done each year in the U.S. alone.


Interviewing your surgeon!


Yes, interview your surgeon! To further your odds of a favorable procedure you need to know how to interview your surgeon.

After all you are planning on having an expensive procedure not to mention turning your vision over to someone else.  Why would you not interview someone as important as that?

The good news is that inside you’ll have an entire chapter devoted to helping you conduct that interview!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more important than your sight.  It’s been with you all your life.  If you’re at all like most normal folks, as you age the quality of your eyesight has deteriorated.

It’s one of those facts of life that we just can’t change.  There are a very few people who do not lose the quality of sight but they are few and far between.


Again, is Lasik right for you?


The only way you will have the answer to that question is by learning more about Lasik. Looking for Lasik will do just that for you.  It asks all the right questions and gives you comprehensive answers to them.  Questions like:

  • What do I need to know about the first exam?
  • Which is better ICL or Lasik?
  • What are the costs?
  • What happens when it has to be redone?
  • Is Lasik a good idea for children?

You deserve good vision.  Imagine looking out across a beautiful meadow and enjoying all the detail.  The wildflowers that used to be such a blur are now crystal clear.

Learn everything you need to know about Lasik in Looking for Lasik. It truly is a great investment. Plus: