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Job Breakthrough (eBook & Videos)

Job Breakthrough (eBook & Videos)

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Dear Job-seeker,

Have you ever wondered why some get their "foot in the company door" for a job opening... while you have not?

If you have seen several months fly by without landing one decent job INTERVIEW, this will be the most important information you’ll ever read to secure that dream job.

In today’s job market, with an average of 360 people all applying for the same position as you, recruiters spend 20 to 30 seconds reading your resume before deciding whether or not to take your application further.

They have pile of resumes and cover letters to sort through and 95% of them are treated like an old newspaper and tossed right into the recycle bin.

Why? Because your resume and cover letter did not grab the attention of the recruiter or the employer!

I just a few minutes from now, you too will discover the secret ingredients of a winning resume which 99% of all job-seeker will never know...

Learn exactly what most employers are looking for and how to make yourself stand out among the 100's or even 10001's of other job applicants. Secret tips and techniques to get your resume noticed and get your phone ringing for job interviews.


This is your ultimate 46 minutes Powerpoint presentation that guides you through presenting a well written resume that secure you a job interview. The video shows step-by-step guide to structuring your resume and making it stand out of the crowd. It covers every secret ingredient that will get your resume noticed by job recruiters.

Here is what you will discover in the training video:

How to write a rockstar resume without a struggle
The professional standard layout of a winning resume
What to include, elaborate on, and omit from your resume
How to transform your resume and sell yourself to a potential employer
Key qualities your potential employer wants to see on your resume
How to gain the attention of a potential employer with your resume among other pile of resumes
How to present your information, qualities, and work history in a manner that makes you attractive to your potential employer
Tricks to writing a high profile resume that secures you an interview
Adding the magic finishing touches to your resume
Plus lots more...

This resume template has been created to help you follow the sections and structure of the resume outlined in this video training, feel free to play around with it. It will enhance  you to deliver a winning resume that is guarantee to get you an interview to your potential employer, so take the time to customise it and make it yours.


This cheat sheet is a convenient check list that you can print out to check off every ingredient discussed in this video training which are needed to be part of your resume in order to secure your next job interview. It gives all the main steps need you to follow in one easy to follow document.


At last, you can discover all the tips, tricks, techniques and secrets you need to know to ace your interview and get the job of your dreams. That’s right, this concise but comprehensive guide will tell you step by easy step how to impress an interviewer and win the job that you crave. This training is 40 minutes training video that guides you through becoming the candidate employers are looking for during your job interview.

Here’s is just some of what you will learn by reading this amazing video:

How to get the interview of your choice – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple tips!
4 ways to apply for a job – and how to determine which method will work best for you!
How to prepare for an interview – including how to research the company and how to practice your responses so that you will be sure to impress the interviewer!
How to greet the person who will be interviewing you – you’ve only got one chance to make a great first impression … find out how to do it the right way here!
How to conduct yourself during the interview – find out how to “dress the part,” how to show confidence, and much more …

In short, you’ll learn how to be just what the interviewer is looking for here!

What the most common questions asked during an interview are – and how to provide perfect answers to them all!
What questions to ask your interviewer – as well as what questions you should never ask during an interview!
7 common body language mistakes interviewees often make – and what you can do to avoid making them yourself!
Other common interview mistakes that you should avoid at all costs – if you read nothing else, you must read this!
8 things you should do during an interview to impress your interviewer – do these simple things and the job is as good as yours!
9 things you must do during an interview – as well as nine things you must not do during an interview!
How to close an interview and ensure you get the job of your dreams!
15 characteristics employers are looking for – and how to demonstrate that you have each one during the interview!
And much, much more…

I will take off the risk on this one with my 100% money back guarantee



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Rich PLR


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