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How to Write Thank You Notes

How to Write Thank You Notes

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Now You Can Write Thank You Notes and Memorable Cards Simply and Easily When You Use These FREE Etiquette Tips and Thank You Notes Examples


WARNING: You Do Not Want to Waste Time Writing Thank You Notes That Are Anything Less Than Inspirational or That Are [cringe] Improper…

Dear Visitor,

There are several significant moments in our lives that cause us to reach for a pen and search out the perfect note card to send to a friend, relative, business partner, office mate, client, … or even to someone in our immediate family.  Perhaps that’s what drew you to my website about how to write thank you notes.

Are you experiencing one of these events worthy of an announcement or congratulatory card or even a note of sympathy?

  • Birth
  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • Job Interview
  • Funeral

Maybe you are a bride to be with wedding invitations to send out. After the wedding you need to write thank you notes to those key planners as well as your guests to say ‘thank you’ for gifts. Don’t forget to tell them how excited you were to see them at the reception too.

Another joyous event is a new baby announcement to be followed up with baby showers, and gifts. This is just another perfect moment to fire up your best inspirations to write thank you to your well-wishers.

Perhaps you interviewed for the job of your dreams.  You will definitely jump in front of your competition when your prospective employer reads your gracious note expressing thanks for giving you the opportunity to interview.

There’s numerous reasons to write thank you – some sad, some happy.  In some cases, you want to inspire someone, while on other occasions you want to lift the weight of sadness off a broken heart. In all instances you want your words to express a sentiment that makes your note memorable to the receiver.

Everything you need to know to write memorable thank you notes is all right here.


You don’t need to worry about proper etiquette for thank you notes, cards and letters any more. I’ve compiled everything you need to know (and it isn’t an encyclopedia) about thank your card etiquette. This is a short and sweet guide with a few messages to get you over that writer’s block void.  Imagine having an inspiration in seconds so that you too can write thank you notes to fit any situation.