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How to Survive and Love Your Family Camping Trip (Audio & eBook)

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“Where Are We Going This Summer?”

Is this Your First Family Camping Trip and You Hope it Will Go Smoothly?

Or are You Already Getting a Headache Knowing What's Ahead of You?


Why Not Make THIS Family Camping Trip One EVERYBODY Will Enjoy?

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Camping Parent,

What a busy year it's been! While your family has been occupied with school and work for the last several months have you been considering surprising them with a trip away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Is this the first time you've decided to try camping and you don't know where to begin? Or is your family complaining that it's same old trip this year? Is this going to be the vacation of your dreams or a nightmare come to life?

Family camping - what a wonderful picture it can bring to mind - a close family sharing the wonders of nature by day and settling in by the fire at night. But how close is that to reality? What about those midnight potty breaks in the dark or the four hours in the van hearing "when will we get there?" What if someone gets lost in the woods or everyone complains they're bored the first day you get there? 

 “Do We HAVE to Go?”

If your kids (or significant other) are not enthralled with your plans to go camping you'll need some extra tips on how you can provide the right experience for your family so they build stronger bonds and lifelong memories during this special time together.

With so many places to go and activities to share you don't have to settle for a dusty campground and a game of cards! Your family deserves to enjoy themselves and you can do that by planning a trip that takes everyone's interests into consideration. 

More than that, you want to have a safe and comfortable trip - forget the sleeping bags or first aid kit? Don't let that happen - check off the lists of items you'll need and make sure you don't leave home without the essentials. What else do you want to know?

 "How to Survive Your Family Camping Trip”

Camping can be difficult - especially if your kids are used to spending a lot of time with friends or in front of the TV or computer. Everyone will need to adjust, but you can make it easier if you plan ahead. How do you do that? Ask these questions...

Where will you go? What do you need to take? What can you do for excitement? How will you set up camp? Find out all the answers in...

How to Survive (and Love) Your Family Camping Trip…

    • What Kind of Camping Will You Do?
What camping suits your family's style? Out in the rough? Camper van touring? Something else?

      • Where Will You Go Camping?
    Where you go can make or break a camping trip - finding the right facilities and points of interest will define your experience.
      • What Equipment Will You Need?
    You'll never hear the end of complaints if you forget equipment needed to get set up and make camp. Do it wrong and you might just be heading home a bit early. 
      • How to Plan for a Long Distance Camping Trip
    Trips far from home require a good check list and planning - here's some help.
      • What to Take for Emergencies    
    Whether you're hiking or lounging by the lake, you'll not want to forget these essential items in case of emergency.
      • How Will You Feed the Family on a Trip?
    Special diet? Young children? Don't plan on finding all your food at the site - here's how to plan a critical element of your family's trip.
      • What Safety Information Should You Know?
    Away from the safety of home your children can get into a lot of trouble. Get the answers to some important questions on safety.
      • What to do if Someone Gets Lost    
    Proper safety can help prevent anyone from getting lost, but if the worst should happen you'll want them to take the right steps to get found - FAST!
      • Fun Camping Activities for Kids
    Early mornings and late nights - what are you going to do with the kids without a TV or computer? Here's some great ideas!
      • How to Help Your Kids Settle In    
    Depending on your kids and their ages you might find the first night or two difficult for settling in. Find some great tips that will make everyone's life easier!
      • How to Set Up Your Campsite
    First things first- what's the best way to set up so your camping trip gets off to the right start?    
      • Campfire Safety Tips and Instructions
    One of the biggest concerns for parents is children and fire - find out how to deal with campfires in the safest manner so it's a highlight of the trip.
      • Food Storage Safety Tips and Instructions
    Bad food means a bad vacation. Don't spoil the fun - find out how to safely store food on a camping trip.
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • Exploring Beyond: Backpacking and Hiking with Kids
    For the real camping experience nothing beats backpacking and hiking, but families must consider everyone's abilities - here's how to tailor the trip to your kids' needs.
    • Other Activities: Biking, Boating and Horseback Riding with Kids
    What else can you do to ensure the whole family has fun? Here are some great ideas and suggestions.

     “Are You Ready for Some Family FUN?”

    You deserve a lot of credit for planning a trip so carefully and trying to ensure everyone has a great time. But before you pack your bags are you sure you've done enough? 

    The safety and enjoyment experienced by your family on this trip will become a memory they can take with them for a long time - now's the right time to get all your information so they have positive memories to build stronger bonds.

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