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How to Plan an Enjoyable Retirement (Audio & eBook)

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“What Will I Do When I Retire?”

Are You Anxious About Retirement?

Do You Wonder What You'll Do With Your Time?

Do You Want to Make These Years Fulfilling and Enjoyable?

Find Out How to Plan for the BEST Years of Your LIFE and ENJOY Every Moment!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Almost-Retired,

Are you feeling a mixture of anticipation and anxiety about your upcoming retirement? Has work been such a big factor in your life that you wonder how fulfilled you'll feel once it's over? Do you wonder if your retirement dreams will be realized or what you'll do with your time?

If you haven't figured it all out yet, don't worry, you still have time to make some important decisions about these exciting years! Whether you want to relax and enjoy freedom from deadlines and schedules or want to pack as much into this next phase of life as you can, all you have to do is make a plan to ensure you get the experience you want!

 “Your Time Has Never Been More Valuable”

If you've brought up a family, contributed to the growth of a business or have spent many years serving others in need, your life has been a unique and amazing journey. However, no matter how important it was, you have always had to use your time for someone else.

Now that your time can be used for yourself, YOU can decide where it's best spent! Do you want to travel? Garden? Golf? Or are you going to devote more time to charities or the arts? Are you interested in pursuing a new hobby or developing an existing one into your own business? What about moving to a new town or enjoying your time getting closer to family and taking a bigger role in the lives of your grandchildren?

Recognizing what you want your retirement years to be requires some self-analysis and planning. You have many years ahead of you, but don't take it  for granted...plan now so you get the most enjoyment out of your retirement years!

 "What Kind of Retirement Will You Have?”

Have you already planned for the costs of retirement? Are there options out there if you're not ready to fully retire? What about your family - how will retirement affect them? What activities or organizations can you involve yourself in?

No matter what your dreams are for retirement there are many practical issues you'll need to address. Depending on your savings or living arrangements you may be able to accomplish everything you planned for or need to reassess your situation. But be assured - there are many great options still available...

How to Plan an Enjoyable Retirement (and Make Every Year a Great One!)…

    • Do You WANT to Retire?
Are you facing a forced retirement or simply following the system? What if you don't WANT to retire yet?

      • Can You Afford to Retire?
    Take time to see if your dreams are affordable, and take steps to plan a retirement you can enjoy!
      • What KIND of Retirement Do You Want?
    Are you looking to relax, spend time on hobbies or travel, or do you want to contribute more time to other endeavors such as charities or developing a new business?
      • Why You Need to Keep Your Mind Active
    Keeping your mind active will help you enjoy more years of your retirement without the frustration of age-related memory loss. What can you do?
      • Why You Need to Keep Your Body Active    
    Now's your time! Relax whenever you can - but don't forget that an active body will be less likely to suffer the ill effects of aging and allow you to enjoy more freedom. What should you do?
      • How to Create a New Routine
    Now that your daily routine has changed its a good time to figure out a new, healthy routine for you or your mate to enjoy!
      • How to Plan a Meaningful Retirement    
    What's important to you? What activities will mean the most to you in 5 or 10 years that you need to plan for now?
      • Tips for Traveling During Retirement
    Are you anxious to travel right away, or are you hoping to do some later on? What suggestions can help you enjoy traveling during retirement?
      • How Retiring Affects Your Family    
    When you retire the people in your life will also be affected - how, and in what way?
      • Helping the Community
    Have you determined that you'll give some of your retirement time to helping in the community? Where will you start?    
      • Learning a New Skill
    Have you considered learning a new skill that you've always put off because it took too much time? Why not now?
      • Starting a New Business
    If you've had aspirations to own your own business, now may be the perfect time to create your legacy! Find out where to begin.
      • Exploring a Hobby
    Always loved to paint, play golf or garden? Whether it's a new hobby or an old one, plan your retirement so you can enjoy it!
    What You’ll Also Get…
  • Tips for Downsizing After Retirement
  • Selling your family home for something smaller? Be prepared for the transition with these downsizing tips.
  • Tips for Moving to a New Community
  • Getting established in a new community can take time - follow these tips for making a new community your home!

     “Is Retirement Ready for YOU?”

    Do you have lots of ideas about how you'll spend your retirement, but no plans? Or are you still in shock that it has come so fast? Are you going to wait and see what unfolds or are you going to plan now for the years ahead?

    You already now how quickly the years go by - not planning your retirement now may mean getting caught up in the day to day and missing out on the wonderful opportunities available to you.

    If you want to make the MOST of your retirement, download ‘How to Plan an Enjoyable Retirement’ right now!

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    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘How to Plan an Enjoyable Retirement' means one more day of missing out on the fantastic opportunities retirement can offer you, but only if you plan ahead! If you truly want a meaningful retirement, get your copy of 'How to Plan an Enjoyable Retirement' Today!