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How to Make Big Bucks With Penny Stocks  PLR Ebook

How to Make Big Bucks With Penny Stocks PLR Ebook

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Are You Looking To Cash In Big With An Explosive Stock?

Secrets Of Penny Stocks Revealed!

Penny Stocks are a whole 'nother ball game...

...with enormous earning potential! Will you find the promising stock ready to take off? Will you hold on as your shares' value (once worth pennies each) explode with the companies growth?

Now you can discover how to...

Buy more shares for less money.

Minimize risk when selecting stocks.

Maximize your profit potential with clever techniques you can ONLY pull off with Penny Stocks.

Dear Investor,

Could the pennies in your piggy bank make you rich?

Yes, if you're lucky! Investing in penny stocks is risky just like any stock market investment. But due to the small startup investment, and enormous earning potential if you hit the big time...

...penny stocks are a great way to start investing. And even more so when you discover...

How To Minimize The Luck Factor

Anyone who is getting ready to invest should do their homework. Not only on how the stock market works (and penny stocks in particular). But also how to spot a stock that holds promise.

Because the more information you have, the less luck will be a factor. And the more sound (or rewarding) your investment will be.

Investors should know...

How to research a stock and it's financial history.

How to get credible answers from a company... straight from the source!

How to work with a stock broker for your best results (and not theirs).

Once you're familiar with these factors (and a bit more I'll tell you about), you're ready to get started...

...And Invest With Confidence!

If you started investing in penny stocks and made a fortune, how would that change your life?

In my 53 page ebook, "How To Make Big Bucks With Penny Stocks," I spill the beans on how to hunt down promising penny stocks. (The stocks that may be on the verge of exploding by 500%, 1,500% or even more.)

The best part is, my book is yours in just minutes from now when you click the button near the bottom of this page. It's 100% downloadable so you don't have to wait for it to arrive in the mail... is just SOME of the expert Penny Stock info you'll find inside:

How much cash Penny Stock companies are likely to be worth, net. (Page 8)

When people use these common stock nicknames, they're really talking about penny stocks. (Page 9)

Why penny stocks cannot be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. (Page 9)

Here's how the NASDAQ handles penny stocks. (Page 9)

When you can invest in penny stocks without the NYSE or NASDAQ. (Pages 10-11)

6 reasons to protect yourself in the OTC market. (Page 11)

When risky stocks deliver the most rewards. (Page 13)

5 ways to determine your risk tolerance before you pick a stock. (Pages 16-17)

When your stockbroker is working for you, and when he's looking out for himself. (Pages 18-20)

3 ways to choose a stockbroker who's determined to help you earn the most cash. (Pages 20-21)

The trick to buying penny stocks for less than their asking price. (Pages 22-23)

How to manage “the spread” to guarantee the most profitable purchase. (Pages 23-34)

The extra cost built into penny stocks you must be aware of. (Pages 24-25)

Key strategies for getting the best price available. (Page 25)

2 characteristics of penny stocks that scream, “don't buy me!” (Page 28)

4 steps to finding out more about a company before you invest. Including 4 super-sleuth questions for figuring out what this company is really all about. (Pages 30-32)

Discovering patterns in penny stocks you can use to your advantage to cash in. (Page 33)

5 steps to uncovering the most promising penny stock. (Page 33)

How “Market Makers” benefit you, the stockholder. (Page 35)

How to handle Initial Public Offerings cautiously. (Pages 37-39)

Different state laws that you may have to follow. (Page 39)

The 3 step success formula for discovering new companies to invest in. (Page 43)

5 questions that signal the “go-ahead” to invest. (Page 44)

6 steps to the perfect penny stockbroker. (Pages 46-47)

5 warnings about penny stocks. (Pages 49-51)

And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

Your Time Is Now!

Would you be surprised if I told you that Walmart, Nike, IBM and Microsoft were all once penny stocks?

It's true! And the people who found them first made a killing from a likely very small investment.

You're likely to invest a few hundred dollars into any penny stock. Maybe even more if you really like the stock. How much would you pay to have more confidence (and for good reason) in the stock you choose.

How much would it be worth to you to receive a sit-down, no-holds barred tutorial of penny stocks right now before you start investing. $100.00 would be worth it and $50.00 is more than reasonable. But I'm only asking for $4.95!

And believe me, there's absolutely NO-RISK in this investment...

...Because Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed! Click the button below now to claim my ebook. And start digging in.

Read it front to back. Or just browse through it if you'd like. Then decide for yourself if it won't help you to make an educated penny stock investment.

If you feel it wasn't worth your time, just write me an email requesting a refund within 30 days of purchase. I promise not to hound you with any questions or ask for an explanation. Instead, I'll simply give back your investment ASAP.

Click the link above to get started because there are a few questions for you to answer before you can claim "How To Make Big Bucks With Penny Stocks" for yourself.

Click the link above now and I'll see you on the other side...


Thanks for reading,

Rich PLR


PS Will you do us both a favor? Find out more about penny stocks today?

I really think they'll get you excited when you see you can invest just a small amount and potentially earn a fortune if your stock launches. (And we'll teach you how to look for the stock that could do just that!)

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