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How to Generate HOT Real Estate Leads (Audio & eBook)

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“I Want MORE Clients!”

Do You Need to Grow Your Real Estate Business?

Are You Fighting Tough Competition to Find Buyers and Sellers?

Do You Want Clients LOOKING for YOU Instead of Hunting Them Down?


Sell MORE Real Estate and Make MORE MONEY by Generating HOT Real Estate Leads!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Motivated Real Estate Agent,

It's never been a better time to be a Real Estate Agent than it was in the last few years. If you benefited from the rising home prices, banks approving more buyers and the increase demand for housing that overtook the country, you likely did very well for yourself! 

However, whether you were along for the ride of the last few years or just recently started a real estate career, you'll know that even in a booming market the competition can be FIERCE! Now that the market is leveling, fewer buyers can afford the bank rates or more people are staying where they are, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd and get the hottest prospects to find YOU first!

 “Not All Clients are Created Equal”

Ever heard of the 80/20 Rule? Have you been running hard after the least profitable sellers or buyers? Do your sellers refuse to listen to your advice? Do you spend hours touring homes with buyers that will never make a decision? Are your marketing costs adding up while properties sit on your books?

You need to find buyers and sellers as motivated and ready to do business as you are. You want to find the 20% of buyers and sellers that know what they need to do and choose YOU to facilitate them. Spend most of your time with these people and you will have money rolling in the door no matter WHAT the market is doing!

So how do you know which clients are HOT? How do you find them and how do you get THEM to work for YOU by providing highly qualified, motivated referrals?

 "How to Generate HOT Real Estate Leads”

The Realtor with the HOTTEST leads is never going to worry about the next paycheck. As long as you know HOW to do your business well, you just need the RIGHT clients to hire you.

Don't waste time and money with lead generating programs that don't work - get the most out of your marketing dollar by making the MOST impact on the BEST clients. Here's how...

How to Generate HOT Real Estate Leads (and Make MORE Money Doing it!)…

    • Why You Have to Think Like a Prospector
Have you REALLY been doing the work needed to find clients? Find out what gives successful Realtors the edge...

      • What is the Difference Between a 'Hot' Lead and a 'Cold' Lead?
    Who are you working for? How can you spot a 'hot' or 'cold' lead?
      • CRM - Why it's Important for Generating Business
    You know what it is - so how well are you using it?
      • Tips for Creating a Prospecting Action Plan
    Failure to plan means planning to fail - so here's the low down on how to create a successful prospecting action plan.
      • How to Ask for a Referral    
    Learn how ask for (and GET) the highly sought after REFERRAL!
      • How to Use the MLS to Get Real Estate Leads
    Where are clients looking first? You bet- they're online comparing properties on the MLS - How are you taking advantage of this?
      • How to Use Email for Lead Generation    
    Want to get some automated leads? Find out how EMAIL can help you get them!
      • How to Generate Leads for a 'Niche' Group
    By developing a niche you may create a pool of clients NO OTHER AGENT is touching!
      • How to Use Networking Alliances for Leads    
    Other businesses can help YOURS to grow - learn how to create and develop networking alliances.
      • How to Generate Leads with Community Presence
    Homes and community are so closely related it makes sense to get your name in front of the community at EVERY opportunity - here's how its done right.    
      • Tips for Creating a Successful Marketing Campaign
    Marketing is crucial for building your business - get some great tips for spending your marketing dollar wisely!
      • Tips for Keeping Track of Your CRM
    Lots of clients and leads means lots of information - how are you keeping track (and making use) of your CRM?
      • Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents NEED to Avoid!
    Don't make these mistakes or you'll risk LOSING business or losing LEADS!
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • Telephone Scripts for Prospecting
    Scripts to help you prospect for leads on the telephone.
    • Email Scripts for Prospecting
    Scripts to help you prospect for leads through email.

     “Are You Driven to Do MORE?”

    A great Realtor knows what his or her client wants and delivers it! Whether you are just learning or are already at the top of your game, don't you think you could do MORE? 

    Why worry about the ones that got away? Instead, spend your time and money on clients who will MAKE YOU RICH! You can afford to give them everything they need when you aren't wasting your resources looking for LOSER LEADS!

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    Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘How to Generate HOT Real Estate Leads' means one more day of searching for clients instead of MAKING MONEY. If you are ready to become a Top Realtor you need to get your copy of 'How to Generate HOT Real Estate Leads' Today!