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How To Create A Family Friendly Budget (Audio & eBook)

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“Where Did the Money GO?”

Do You Feel Stressed When the Bills Arrive?

Do You Find Yourself Saying 'NO' to Your Children More Than You Wish?

Are You Prepared for Emergency Expenses?

Protect Your Family from Financial Disaster by Creating a Family Friendly Budget!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Concerned Parent,

Are you tired of working around the clock - running to a job, taking care of the house and managing your children's hectic lives only to find there's more month than money? Do you ever use credit cards or other credit for living expenses? Have you tried a budget before but found that unexpected expenses and bills were always throwing you off course?

When you are a parent you have many financial concerns like education, medical bills, child care, clothing and entertainment costs that other people just can't comprehend. If you've been trying to budget THEIR way you'll fail because families have different needs which must be met. The only answer is to look at your situation from a different perspecitve.

 “Give Your Family the Most Out of Life”

Sacrificing extras like new shoes, dance class or the occassional treat may work for a single person, but children grow fast and you can't sacrafice their needs and life experiences for a year or two to catch up on the bills.

You also must prepare for their future education now or expect a huge debt load in the future for yourself or them. And heath care? Will your child have to wait a few months to deal with a toothache just because you don't have the funds to deal with it now?

As a parent you'll agree that budgeting for a family takes a great deal of effort in order to keep a certain standard of living in your home. But how do you manage your money so your family is happy but you aren't sinking deeper into debt? The secret is knowing where to put the money you have...

 "How to Create a Family Friendly Budget”

"Waste not, want not." Are there areas of your life where too much money is spent? Have you been missing out on opportunities to save money while still providing a healthy, stimulating lifestyle for your family?

Do you want to learn the secrets to getting your family to stick to a budget while still being able to live life?

How to Create a Family Friendly Budget (and This Time Make it WORK!)…

    • Why Your Family Needs a Budget
Are you debating whether a budget would work for your family? Consider these points.

      • What Are Your Expenses?
    Learn how to accurately analyze your monthly expenses.
      • What is Your Income?
    Have you been taking all your income into consideration?  Find it all and put it to use!
      • How to Plan a Budget With a Variable Income
    Learn the trick to budgeting with a variable income from self-employment or casual work.
      • What is Your Debt Load?    
    Work out the formula for determining debt load to see your REAL financial situation.
      • How to Create a Yearly Estimate of Expenses and Income
    Planning ahead requires a little guess work - here's how to make it as accurate as possible.
      • General Percentages for Creating a Realistic Budget
    Need help figuring out appropriate spending habits? Use this guide to see where you do well or where you need to cut back.
      • How to Include Impulse and Occasional Expenses to Your Budget    
    Who wants to be tied down to a budget every day? See how you can incoporate impulse and occasional expenses.
      • Tips for Identifying Your Family's Financial Goals
    Having a set goal will help everyone stay on board with keeping to a budget.
      • How to Plan Ahead for Large Expenses    
    New car? Buying a home? Family Vacation? Learn how to successfully plan for these types of expenses.
      • Tips for Planning Education Savings
    A must for every family is a plan to care for your children's education -  here's how.    
      • Tips for Tracking Your Family Spending
    Wondering WHERE the money went? Use these tips for keeping tabs.
      • Tips for Setting Up a Financial Organizing System
    The key to spending wisely is using a system to keep track of where you are and where you're going.
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • How to Create a Budget Friendly Family Menu
    It doesn't have to be expensive to eat healthy and yummy foods - save on take out with these budget friendly meals.
    • Budget Friendly Family Entertainment Ideas
    Spending too much on movies, shopping and costly sports programs? Entertain and interact with your kids with these cost effective ideas.

     “Relax - You're Almost Done...”

    It may take a few hours to get everything figured out, but even a quick read will give you some great ideas for cutting costs and making better financial choices. 

    When you are ready to do it all, take a cup of coffee and sit down with your partner. Discuss some goals you have for your famiy - education savings, a family trip to Disneyland, some needed dental work for your daughter; identify some cost saving areas - taking lunch to work, using public transit - and start to plan a healthy financial life  - doesn't that sound good?

    So take a moment and make a decision that will prepare you to make the best decisions for your family's financial future. Download ‘How to Create a Family Friendly Budget’ right now!

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    Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘How to Create a Family Friendly Budget' means one more day of struggling to get the bills paid or merely hoping to save enough for those needed extras. Gain some peace of mind by downloading 'How to Create a Family Friendly Budget' Today!