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How To Catch A Fish (Audio & eBook)

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“Let's Go Fishing!”

Want the Secrets to Finding the Best Fishing Spots?

Need to Know the Basics of Catching and Releasing Fish?

Ready to Join Millions in a Fast Growing Sport?

Learn the Secrets of Finding, Catching and Enjoying Your FISHING Experience!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Novice Fisher,

Why have you decided to learn how to fish? Are you joining friends at a lakeside cabin and heard how wonderful the fishing is? Do you remember fishing as a child and want to take it on as a serious hobby? Or are you anxious to share the bonding experience with your own child but need a refresher before hitting the lakes?

There is no equal to the experience of fishing, but whether you intend to pursue it as a regular hobby or just a temporary indulgence, learning the basics will teach you to fish safely and increase your chances of actually catching a fish - helping you build great memories and having a wonderful time!

 “What a Beautiful Experience!”

If this is your first time going fishing what an experience you are in for! Whether you wade into the flowing river, drift on a quiet lake or rest on grassy shores - the rythm and pace of the water will lull you into a restful state while your focus on the line and anticipation of a bite will create euphoria as soon as you feel the tug of a catch!

This combination of relaxation and excitement has made fishing a beloved hobby for millions of people worldwide. No matter what shore you're on someone, sometime had been fishing in those waters. 

But to truly enjoy your fishing adventure you'll want more than the history and beautiful weather - you'll want a fair chance to CATCH a FISH! That's where a little training comes in...

 "How to Catch a Fish - a Beginner's Guide”

You've paid for the equipment, you've booked your trip and you're eagerly looking forward to the day you put your line in the water - but what you really want, truly want to experience, is catching a FISH!

Increase your odds by finding out what successful fishers already know...

How to Catch a Fish (or 'the Secrets of Fishers')…

    • The Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing
Where are you headed? How does your target affect the way you fish?

      • What You Need in Your Tackle Box
    You'll be sadly disappointed to make it out to the water without these fishing must-haves.
      • Basic Gear Every Fisher Needs
    Beyond the tackle box - what else will you need when you go fishing?
      • Basic Casting Tips
    Find out the secret to proper casting - the professionals make it look easy but here's how it really works!
      • What Kind of Bait Will You Use?    
    Choosing the right bait can mean the difference between a great catch and no catch at all - what should you use?
      • Be Aware of These Fishing Hazards
    Fish safely by watching out for these dangers in, on or around the water.
      • Where Should You Go Fishing?
    Where's the best fishing spots? What kind of experience are you looking for?
      • How to Find the Fish Once You Get There    
    The same waters can be a goldmine for one fisher and a dry well for another - here's how to locate the best fishing spots.
      • When is the Best Time to Catch a Fish?
    Learning the cycles of the fish will help you time your fishing venture to be the most productive
      • How to Land or Release Your Catch    
    Learn the basics of dealing with the fish you catch
      • Do You Need a License to Fish?
    Don't get in trouble - what do you need to know BEFORE getting out your gear?    
      • How to Clean Your Fish
    Maybe not your favorite part - but if you're going to catch them you have to know how to clean them!
      • How to Store Your Freshly Caught Fish
    Make sure your catch makes it home to the cooking plate - here's how.
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • Rules for Sharing the Water or Shore with Other Fishers
    As with any sport or hobby, there are common courtesies you need to adhere to when sharing the waters.
    • How to Dress for Your Fishing Trip
    Nothing will ruin your trip faster than being uncomfortable - prepare yourself for a long day by dressing right!

     “The Fish are Waiting - Are You READY?”

    Go ahead - get your gear! Book some time off and head out for a relaxing weekend. All you need to know is right here - a quick read and you're good to go! 

    You're going to love the time you spend alone or with friends waiting for the fish to start biting. Get the right information and you'll know what you need, where to go and how to find the fish while also enjoying the sights and sounds of nature all around you.

    Aren't you excited to get going? Sure you are, but to ensure the trip goes as well as you hope download ‘How to Catch a Fish’ right now!

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    Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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    Rich PLR


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