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How to Build Your Self Esteem in Just One Weekend

How to Build Your Self Esteem in Just One Weekend

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Is Low Self-Esteem Keeping You from Achieving
Your Hopes, Dreams & Goals, or Making You
Feel Inferior, Unimportant And Unworthy?

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way Anymore! Learn How
You Can Build And Restore Your Value And Worth
Through his Amazing Easy To Follow E-Book


Rich PLR

4:12 pm, Monday Afternoon

Dear Friend:

Does low self-esteem cause you to feel frustrated, cheated out of the good things in life or make you feel inferior to others? Are you afraid of rejection and failure, and feel very alone in the world?

If you are tired of this never ending cycle of frustration and disappointments from low self-esteem, this might be the most important letter you have ever read.

You Are Worthy Of Everything You Aspire To Be!

How you derive your feelings of self-esteem and feelings of value is a complex process. It's quite possible that every life event you experienced and everything ever said to you, all contribute to your feelings of self worth.

Suffering from low self-esteem can not only affect your mental well-being, it can affect you physically as well. It can create stress, anxiety, and physical ailments along with the emotional issues. Get Rid Of That Baggage!

It’s time for this all to stop. You are a worthy, wonderful, valuable individual. You deserve to live up to your potential and embrace the wonderful person that is inside of you. We can show you how!

Here’s a sneak peek into what you will find inside the pages of our amazing e-book, “Improve Your Self-Esteem in Just One Weekend!

  • Find out if you indeed do have low self-esteem

  • Learn to combat the negative inner voice

  • Use positive affirmations to celebrate yourself

  • Get help from those around you

  • Employing positive self-talk to get rid of the negativity

  • And so much more!

You don’t have to suffer from low self-worth anymore. With everything we have given you inside this book, you can start down the road to a higher level of self-esteem and help those around you as well. We are emotional beings, and when our needs aren’t being met, we need to find ways to combat that.

Our book shows you ways to help your loved ones support your journey towards positive self-worth. Only you can help yourself, but the people around you can help as well – with their support.

Even more importantly than that, we give you a couple of bonus sections.

  1. Learn how to raise and foster healthy self-esteem in children

  2. Cope with an unhealthy environment in a healthy way

  3. Nurture yourself and your self-worth

Plus, you will receive our exclusive Quick Start Guide to raising your self-esteem. This contains 25 valuable tips and suggestions to start you on the road to a more positive image of yourself that you will be able to employ every day and lead to improving your self-esteem in just three days!

The way we feel about ourselves can color our whole world. When we think poorly of ourselves, we begin to tell ourselves that we aren’t capable or worthy of being anything of any consequence.

This Just Isn’t True!

Everyone in the world – I don’t care who they are – was put here for a purpose. That may sound trite and typical, but it’s true. We may not all have a grand purpose in life, but we do have a purpose.

Maybe yours is to be a great parent. Perhaps you were made to affect the lives of others through teaching. Or it may just be that you are supposed to be the life saver of others.

When you start reading our book, you’ll begin an amazing journey that will allow you to not only raise your own self-esteem, but the self-esteem of others around you.

A Positive Attitude Is Catching!

Once you start taking care of yourself and exuding the positive attitude that will come from higher self-esteem, the people around you will not only be glad to see this new-happy-you, they’ll start acting a lot more positive and upbeat themselves!

What can you expect when you begin to raise your self-esteem?


  • You will have an overall positive attitude

  • You will value yourself highly

  • You will be fully convinced of your own abilities

  • You will see yourself as competent, in control of your own life and able to do what you want.

  • You will compare yourself favorably with others and know that you belong wherever you are


Your self-esteem issues didn’t happen overnight. There’s a reason why you don’t hold yourself in high regard. Those issues won’t go away overnight either, but you have to start somewhere!

The way we’ve designed this amazing book is to give you the tools you will need to begin raising your self-esteem in just three days – one weekend.

Once you have those tools, you will be able to put them into practice throughout your life and maintain healthy level of self-worth that will do nothing but make your life better!

Life is naturally full of ups and downs. When you have high self-esteem, you are better equipped to deal with those down moments. It acts as a cushion for you to land on when life hands you a complicated situation.

So what we’ve done in this amazing book is give you all the information you’ll need to start – in just one weekend! You’ll learn so much!

  • Where your low self-esteem came from

  • Why you have trouble seeing yourself in a better light

  • How those around you can affect how you see yourself

  • Why your inner self is holding you back from being the positive person you deserve to be

  • And more!

Sometimes, the help of a mental health professional is necessary if your problems are serious. But why spend all that money when you can start right here with “Improve Your Self-Esteem In Just One Weekend!

Right now, we’re offering this valuable book to you at the incredible price of just $4.95. There are tons of other self-help books out there, but none that have this much information for such a low,
low price!

This book is put together in an easy-to-read format with all that medical jargon that many of those other books have. When you click on the order button, you’ll get this book delivered directly to your e-mail box within minutes so you can start right away!

It will be yours to reference – day or night. Plus, there may be times when you find yourself faltering. When your inner voice starts telling you negative things that can bring your self-worth back to the low end of the spectrum.

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Once you have this book, you’ll have it always – even when you need that extra boost to get you back up to where you should be.

What are you waiting for? Order “Improve Your Self-Esteem in Just One Weekend” today. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Put yourself on the road to self-healing and higher self-esteem! Order this book today!

Warmest regards,


Rich PLR


P.S. Remember, there’s absolutely NO RISK at all when you order from me. You have up to 90 days to read this book. If it’s not what we say it is, you’ll get a 100% refund. It’s the best guarantee around, and you get it with ME!