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How to Build a Group of Passionate People Who Purchase Online (Audio & eBook)

How to Build a Group of Passionate People Who Purchase Online (Audio & eBook)

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"eTribe: How To Build A Group of Passionate People Who Purchase"


This is just ONE of the many things we cover in the course, but I think it's key.


In fact, I think this is really one of the foundations of marketing online. And it may seem like common sense, but unfortunately, it's not very common!


It's also very simple. I truly don't understand why more people don't do it.


Here it is: work within a market niche you already have affinity with.


In other words, heed that old maxim “Do what you love, the money will follow.” At least, heed it as best you can.


Now I know, not everyone can make a living doing something they love. If your passion in life is feeding the homeless, there may not be a lot of opportunity there to sell products.


But more often than not, what I hear people say is they don't even KNOW what they love!


“I don't know what I'm passionate about!” they tell me. “What's my passion?”


OK, I hear you. Which is why I put it like I did: “Work within a market you already have affinity with.”


This means you don’t have to identify your one, true, all-encompassing passion in life.


Just pick an area that interests you, something you already know something about, and that you don’t mind writing or talking about on a regular basis.


It will be a lot easier to stay involved, to show up for work each day, if you have an affinity for what you’re doing.


The opposite is worse than hard. It’s hellish.


If you love keeping up with the entertainment industry, but you’re trying to market to people in the finance industry, you’re going to have a truly painful time of it.


So start with something you like, and make that your market niche. No matter what niche it is, even if it’s not your “one true passion in life,” at least you won’t be bored to tears every day when you sit down to work.