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Hitting the Road (Audio & eBook)

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“Time to Hit the Open Road!”

Do You Crave Freedom From the Daily Grind?

Does a Long Stretch of Road and No Deadlines Sound Restful?

Do You Like Directing Your OWN Vacation and Doing Exactly What YOU Want?


You Sound Like You Need an RV HOLIDAY!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear RV Newbie,

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience an RV holiday for yourself, you don't know what you're missing! But if freedom from time lines, group tours and hotel bookings appeals to you and you want a trip that's hassle free and on YOUR terms, it's definitely time to take an RV holiday

No matter where you live or where you go, there are new sights and delights all over this country that can last for a weekend trip or a season getaway. The wonderful thing about RVing is that YOU decide when and where you go and answer to no one but yourself.

 “What Do I Need to Know Before RVing?”

As wonderfully easy as an RV trip may sound, there are some practical questions to answer to ensure you have the most stress-free holiday possible. What type of RV should you get and what kind of maintenance will it require? Where can you stop for the night and what safety information should you know?

Finding out this type of information first will save you the enormous headaches and frustration new RVer's often struggle with. Once you find out the answers you'll also want to find out where the best campgrounds are, how to travel with kids and pets and the secrets to planning the RV trip of your dreams!

What's really fantastic is that once you know the answers, you can make a vacation ANY TIME you want! Without the worry of high season hotel rates and last minute airplane bookings, you can just lock up the house, turn on the motor and start your vacation right away.

 "Hitting the Road - a Beginner's Guide to RVing”

Want a sophisticated trip through wine country with spas and wine tastings around every bend? Or would you rather a rustic trip with canoe and hiking gear in tow? What about families? Where will your kids and pets find the most accommodating locations for their needs?

If you never thought an RV trip could be anything but a crowded campground, now's the time to learn about the versatility of RV travel. Whether you're retired and free to roam, or young and looking for fun or planning bonding time with the family - there's an RV trip for you!

Hitting the Road -  A Beginner's Guide to RVing

    • Why Consider RVing?
With the many travel options available, why is RVing so popular and worth considering?

      • What Kind of People Go RVing?
    Who are you likely to meet on your RV trip? What kind of community exists among RVers?
      • Is an RV Trip the Right Choice for You?
    Aside from the dreams, find out the realities of RVing and whether they appeal to you or if you should spend your holiday money somewhere else.
      • What Type of RV Suits You Best?
    Once you know you want to go RVing, what type of vehicle will best suit your needs?
      • What to Know About Motorized RVs    
    First class accommodations or easy to maneuver - these are just some of the options you'll find in motorized RV's.
      • What to Know About Towed RVs
    Although less expensive than motorized RVs, what are the advantages and disadvantages of towed RVs?
    • Tips on Buying Used RVs    
    Find out some savvy buying tips that will save you from running into trouble when buying a used RV.
    • Learning the Ropes - How to Manage Your RV Systems
    Save yourself a ton of money and stress by learning these steps to managing your RV systems.
    • Safe Driving Tips for RV Operators    
    Don't run into trouble on the highway or off in the wilderness, find out how to safely drive your RV!
    • Best RV Spots on the East Coast
    What types of facilities are available on the East Coast and what should you know before bringing the family pet?    
    • Best RV Trips Through the Midlands
    What type of RVer would find the midlands the most fun for their RV trip?
    • Best RV Areas on the West Coast
    Looking for a different kind of RV holiday? Find out why you should try the West Coast.
      • RV Maintenance - What Every RV Owner Needs to Know
    Save money and lengthen the life of your RV by learning the basics to RV maintenance.
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • Traveling with Kids and Pets - Tips for RV Holidaying
    Follow these tips to make traveling with kids or pets more enjoyable.
    • Time and Place - Keys to Planning a Successful RV Trip
    For your safety and enjoyment follow these keys to planning a successful RV trip.

     “How Soon Before YOU Can Start Your RV Holiday?”

    This weekend? A month from now? Planning a long summer or winter getaway? With RVing it doesn't matter! After you follow the basic steps to selecting your RV, learn the ropes of operating it and pick your destination - you could be on your way!

    Want to gain new experiences? Bond with friends or family? Or are you just ready to get away from the daily stress? Whatever your motivation, your RV trip is moments away from becoming a reality! All you need are the details...

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    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘Hitting the Road - a Beginner's Guide to RVing' means one more day of missing out on the freedom and fun of taking an RV holiday. If you really want a great RV experience, get your copy of 'Hitting the Road - a Beginner's Guide to RVing' Today!