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Guide To Hearing Loss

Guide To Hearing Loss

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Guide To Hearing Loss

No, we aren’t talking about a cell phone.

And it’s not about communicating with your “significant other.”


Well, maybe it is for some of you – a “significant other” that is.

How often do you have to ask someone to repeat their words?

Do you have the volume on your television cranked way up to hear it?

What about the radio station in the car? Does it sound like the landing zone at your local airport?

It really isn’t a laughing matter to someone who is suffering from hearing loss. It used to be that your 80+ year old grandparents were the only ones who had trouble hearing.

Then along came the sixties, followed by the seventies, eighties, boom boxes, Kiss and Metallica! People are realizing hearing loss at younger ages than ever before in history.

Yes, that means you should have listened to your Mom when she told you to turn down the volume. Especially when she tried to yell at you over the decibels blasting from your room!

Now, it’s just plain embarrassing when someone makes a comment and you have to ask them to repeat it. Especially when you have to ask twice! Eventually, you just smile and nod and hope they don’t ask you something about it later.

Social events, work and just plain living become a nightmare when you can’t hear what is being spoken to you. How much do you know about loss of hearing? If you are like most people, other than the occasional television ad for hearing aids, you probably don’t know much.


What Can You Do About the Problem?


Well, to begin with you can learn more about it. Do you know that there are different types of hearing problems? And, that there is actually such a thing as temporary hearing loss? There are also different degrees of related hearing disabilities.

You can get the answers to those questions and plenty more in our guide.   ”Guide To Hearing Loss” is written in plain english so anyone can understand it. There may be a few technical terms but you will easily comprehend them and be able to absorb the contents.

We discussed above how noisy music can be a contributor to hearing loss. But, there are many other possibilities as well. There is an entire chapter dedicated to learning who is at risk for hearing loss.


If you know who is at risk and why, that is the first step toward preventing potential hearing loss. Yes, if you catch it quick enough there is much that can be done to insure it does not worsen or even occur in the first place!


You may be familiar with the term tinnitus. But, are you aware that there are different types of tinnitus? They manifest in different ways with different symptoms. The good news is that tinnitus is treatable. Find out how inside ”Guide To Hearing Loss.”


How much do you know about Meniere's disease? Did you know that doctors can suggest ways to effectively control the symptoms of this disease?


What do you know about In the Acoustic Neuroma? While it isn’t well known in the United States, about 3,000 cases of acoustic neuroma are diagnosed each year. Worldwide, the ratio for the disease is 1 in 10,000. One in ten thousand might not seem to be threatening but tell that to the one person who is seeking a diagnosis and treatment!


If hearing loss is diagnosed and inevitable, what are your choices? ”Guide To Hearing Loss” provides suggestions regarding hearing aids as well as sign language.


The only challenge that limits you is how long it takes to click the order link below!



Risk Free!

No, we won’t guarantee that you will have a 100% cure rate after reading ”Guide To Hearing Loss.” But we will guarantee that you will get the answers to your questions about hearing loss. And, in doing so, you can make intelligent decisions about pursuing treatment..

We do make it totally worthwhile with our no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

So, what have you got to lose? There is absolutely nothing and a whole lot of knowledge to gain!