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Goal Setting Web Pack – Worksheet and Checklist

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Goal Setting Checklist (954 words): This checklist will ensure your readers have everything they need to set goals and achieve them. It covers:
  • Questions to ask yourself before you begin
  • What to do to keep from failing
  • Successfully setting goals
  • Following through

…all in a handy checklist format to ensure your readers stay on track


Goal Setting Brainstorming Worksheet (714 words): This brainstorming sheet will help your readers plan out their goals. The brainstorming worksheet covers:

  • Defining your goal
  • Visualizing your goal
  • Exploring your goal
  • Questions to ask to keep from failing
  • Steps to stay focused on your goal
  • Successfully setting your goal
  • Following through to the end

…all with space to write notes as you brainstorm and plan.