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Getting Your Marriage Off The Rocks (Audio & eBook)

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“I Can't Talk to You Anymore!”

Has Your Marriage Lost its Spark?

Do You Fight Often or Have Nothing to Talk About?

Do You Wish You Knew the Secret to Having a Healthy Marriage?

Save Your Marriage and Rediscover the Wonderful Partner You Fell in LOVE With!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Disappointed in Love,

Didn't marriage seem wonderful when you first considered it - sharing a home and a life with the one you love? So what happened after the wedding day? Did life becoming a boring existence with evenings in front of the TV? Would you rather hang out with your own friends instead of spending time together? Are you disappointed in your partner's approach to life or feel they no longer care? 

Every marriage needs some work since none of us are perfect, but how far do you have to go to make it successful? What if fighting has become your main form of conversation or possibly worse - what if you never talk at all?

 “Your Marriage CAN be Helped!”

Be objective for a moment - if you truly believe that the person you are married to is a good person, why is it so difficult to stay in love with them?

Many times busy schedules, hectic work and family life, stresses over money, children or other concerns combined with a lack of effort invested in the relationship are a cause of disharmony in a marriage.

Recognizing what the problems are can help you to arm yourselves with the tools you need to combat a fizzling marriage and renew your devotion to each other. Tackling problems together can help both of you to build trust, respect and love for one another and keep your marriage from falling apart!

 "Getting Your Marriage Off the Rocks”

Commitment is something many people fail to appreciate and with skyrocketing divorce rates many people decide it's not worth the effort to make a marriage work. They're WRONG!

Just as you would admire a person for fighting a disease, raising children or climbing their way out of poverty, learning to build a healthy marriage can be difficult but has huge rewards! Here's what you need to gain them...

Getting Your Marriage Off the Rocks (and Falling in Love for the Second Time)…

    • The Fundamentals of a Healthy Marriage
What are the basic building blocks of a healthy marriage, and do you have them?

      • Common Challenges for Married Couples
    What problems test the endurance of many married couples and are you prepared for them?
      • Why You Both Must Commit to Commitment
    How does your attitude towards commitment affect your success in marriage?
      • Learn to Respect Each Other
    Living in a 'ME' society, have you or your partner forgotten how to show respect for one another?
      • Review Your History - What Works in Your Marriage?    
    Consider some of the Great things your marriage has to offer.
      • Review Your History - What Needs to Change?
    Analyze where your problem areas are and how they need to be adjusted.
      • Identify Your Common Goals    
    Create a spirit of cooperation by working towards a shared goal
      • Find Common Interests to Cultivate
    Find common interests you can bond over and help build the relationship
      • Learn How to Nip Problems in the Bud    
    Instead of letting problems escalate, find out the best ways to break bad habits or discuss problems.
      • Learn How to Compliment Each Other
    If you've forgotten what a compliment sounds like maybe your spouse has too.    
      • Tips for Dealing with Child Raising Issues
    One of the biggest stresses on a marriage is child raising, find out how to work together for your sake and your children's.
      • Tips for Dealing with Money Issues
    Definitely one of the most common causes of marital breakdown - find out how you can overcome this obstacle.
      • Tips for Dealing with Religious or Cultural Issues
    How to deal with the added stress of religious or cultural differences in a marriage.
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • How to Get to Know Your Partner Again
    Obviously you've both changed over the years - enjoy learning more about the person you married.
    • Tips for Keeping the Love in Your Marriage
    Learn the secrets to making your marriage a long and loving one.

     “Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?”

    Before you answer that question consider why you are looking for advice - do you have children to consider? Are you financially tied? Do you believe in the commitment of marriage? Do you just not understand what went wrong?

    Then consider that you risk nothing by looking at the steps to creating a more loving and cooperative marriage with your partner. Imagine what life could be like if your marriage was reignited with respect, shared goals and a real appreciation of each other!

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    Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘Getting Your Marriage Off the Rocks' means one more day of wondering just how long you can endure your marriage. If you have hope that your marrige could be changed for the better get your copy of 'Getting Your Marriage Off the Rocks' Today!