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Fly Fishing for Beginners (Audio & eBook)

Fly Fishing for Beginners (Audio & eBook)

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Get The Insider, Professional Fly-fishing Tricks, Tips and Techniques!



Discover the Comprehensive New Guide Dedictate Solely to Your Favorite Sport



Tired of fumbling with your rod and reel? Embarrassed to show the guys your complete lack of fly-fishing finesse? Mastering the sport takes time and patience. It also takes knowledge of the right equipment, the lifecycles of various marine life and a good understanding of the insects they eat. After all, you want them to bite, right? The more you learn and practice, the better you’ll become. But where do you start and what do you need?

We have the answers you need. We’ve taken all the basic fly-fishing information – from tools and equipment you need to how-to lessons to follow – and packed it all into one amazing ebook . . .


Fly Fishing for Beginners

How to Ace any Interview and 

Get Your Dream Job

Now you can finally improve your style, balance and skill. This new ebook is ideal for both beginners and seasoned pros needing to fine-tune their talent. This ebook isn’t sold in stores. But you can download it right now and start improving your fly-fishing skills in no time.

  • Start fly-fishing like a pro
  • Learn how to select the best flies
  • Adapt and blend the right construction materials
  • Build the perfect fly
  • You’ll find everything you need . . . and more!

This 66-page, information-packed ebook shows you:

  • The exciting history behind fly-fishing
  • Surprising beginner tips, tricks and techniques
  • What fly-fishing is all about
  • The necessary equipment you need – from flies to rods and accessories
  • How to tie your own fly
  • Types of casting and common problems to avoid
  • The advantages and disadvantages of wet vs. dry fly-fishing
  • The best time of day for fly-fishing – so you catch the most fish
  • Fly-fishing techniques used specifically for boat or land casting
  • The exhilarating practice of winter fly-fishing
  • How to plan the perfect fly-fishing excursion
  • The best fly-fishing locations – from coast to coast and abroad
  • And More . . .

Plus it’s so easy-to-read! Go back again-and-again to refresh your memory on certain things. Use it as a reference. Consider the rewards. Download Fly Fishing For Beginners, today. 


Equipment 101: What You Need To Get Started

So, you’d like to be a world-class fly-fisher? Fly Fishing For Beginners was written by a seasoned fly fisherman, offering insider tricks and techniques that would otherwise take years to master on your own. It’s written for you. This ebook shows you what a fly is and how to pick the right one from several, major categories. Learn everything you need to know about fly-lines, the difference between level, double taper and weight forward styles, and ways to cast the best weight.

You’ll even find out exactly what leaders are, why you need one and the four main types. Fly Fishing For Beginners is all you need to get started the right way. We even show you the different types of rods, from the action rod to the medium or parabolic rod, as well as distinct characteristics and uses for anglers. Read an insider point-of-view on backing and reel basics, as well as comfort and safety-related fly-fishing accessories.  


Getting Started – A Step-by-step Guide

Fly Fishing For Beginners gives you step-by-step guidance on tying your own flies, shows you the tools and materials right down to the best manufacturers and proportions you need. You’ll want to print this book and bring it along with you! We’ll walk you through everything, all the way down to using natural materials like hackle, animal hair and bird feathers to your advantage.

Learn precisely how to tie basic knots used by anglers. You’ll get clear, easy-to-read instruction on ways to tie the:

  • Arbor Knot
  • Blood Knot
  • Cinch Knot and Improved Cinch Knot
  • And Nail Knot

Plus, find out how to avoid tying a bad knot. This powerful new ebook even walks you through casting, as well as the types, variations and techniques including:

  • False Casting
  • Roll Casting
  • Curve Casting
  • Black-line or Serpent Casting
  • Reach Casting
  • Shooting-line Casting
  • Plus so much more!

Get professional pointers on finding the right stance, and information on the most common casting problems so you can avoid each one! Find out basic equipment requirements for balancing, successful strategies for night fishing, ways to deal with weather constraints and changing water levels, plus strategies for successful lake selection.

This book tells you how to catch the best fish and the most fish you can – period! We even show you how to become efficient in reading water, understanding structures, eddies, pools, feeding and resting periods. You’ll get all this and so much more in this complete fly-fishing ebook available for instant download.


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