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Fight Disease with Food

Fight Disease with Food

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Cancer – Diabetes – Inflammation – Heart Disease – Memory Loss…


Millions of People Are Needlessly Suffering Because They’re Been Brainwashed into Thinking Traditional Medicine Is Their Only Hope!


Are you someone who is currently fighting a disease – or are you being proactive in seeking out preventative measures so that you don’t get sick in the future?


The sad fact is, most people wait until it’s too late to start looking for ways to reverse disease – and that’s not your fault! It’s what we’ve been trained to do from a young age.


…get your basic immunizations


…head to the doctor for a prescription when you get sick.


Unfortunately, this formula is a recipe for disaster. You have to do more than just wash your hands of germs and get your immunizations to stay free of life-altering diseases that can deteriorate your quality of life – or worse – kill you!


The Best Defense You Can Give Your Body


You might be thinking it’s an annual flu shot or some expensive yearly screening exam. And these are beneficial to your health, no doubt about it! But they don’t compare to the potency of what you can do at a cellular level.


Cells are the one thing that can protect you or become weakened and leave you vulnerable to invaders and dangerous mutations – like cancer for example.


What do your cells need to survive – and thrive?


They need good nutrition. Your eating habits can determine whether or not your cells have the stamina to fight off invaders and keep you healthy.


It’s a complex process if you don’t know what you’re doing, though. Sugar, for example, is something that healthy cells need to function properly – but too much of a good thing damages their health and enables things like cancer cells to use them as fuel to spread disease in your body.


Doctors Don’t Teach You How to Fight Disease with Nutrition


A doctor might give a curt piece of advice to eat healthier, but they’re not going to take time to sit down and talk with you about how food is actually affecting your body.


#1 – it’s not possible due to time constraints and


#2 – it’s not in his best interest to only see you once a year.


Now I’m not saying that doctors like their patients to be sick. But it’s a fact that they – and the pharmaceutical companies – make an incredible amount of money off of the fact that you aren’t using preventative action to stave off disease.


Of course there are some good-hearted docs out there who will take the time to warn you about your lifestyle and what changes need to be made – but even then, all they have time to do is offer the warning – and it’s up to you to go out and find the exact answers.


Empower Yourself to Fight Disease with Food


I got tired of seeing so many lost individuals aimlessly searching for advice online – trying to figure out how to heal inflammation, what to eat when you’ve been given a cancer diagnosis, or what foods help reverse heart disease.


Most people ask just anyone online, and some of the answers I saw being given were shocking! They might be given by a 13-year old Internet troll for all you know. You have to be careful when seeking health advice.


In my new book, Fight Disease with Food, my #1 goal is to help you learn a two-step process:


Step #1: Eliminate or moderate the toxic foods that are assisting the enemy.


Step #2: Supply your cells with foods that fight back in your defense!


No one is going to sit here and say, “You have to give up this and that forever!” That’s just asking for you to go on a dangerous binge, isn’t it?


But when you replace most of your food choices with produce and other foods that arm your cells with energy and fortitude, you start to lose your cravings and feel energetic and healthier.


Tailor Your Nutrition Plan to Your Needs!


There is absolutely no one size fits all approach to eating health in an effort to prevent disease. Some people get sick with every common cold that they encounter – others are healthy as a horse (until they receive a life changing diagnosis for something major).


Some of you are fit and trim, others obese and out of shape. Many of you know your hereditary risks and want to cut off disease before it takes root in your body. Others have already been seeing symptoms and need to take every available option they have to fight back and maintain their health.


In my new book, Fight Disease with Food, you’ll….


  • Discover a 5-Point Preventative Plan (Including Nutrition) That You Can Map Out to Ramp Up Your Health Instantly…
  • How to Devise a Fundamental Food Plan If You’ve Never Been Diagnosed with Disease to Date…
  • What You Can Do to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes Using Food as Your Main Source of Insulin Stabilization…
  • How to Clear Out Plaque Build Up in Your Arteries Using Food - and STOP the #1 Killer of Men and Women in the United States – Heart Disease…
  • Ways You Can Alleviate Pain and Swelling Due to Inflammation By Tweaking Your Meal Plan to Replace Irritants with Healers…
  • Simple Changes You Can Make to Your Diet to Preserve Both Short and Long-Term Memories That Are Precious to You…
  • How to Starve Cancer Cells Using Food Options So That Your Healthy Cells Have the Power to Detain and Destroy Them in Your Body!


It’s Time for You to Be in Control of Your Health…


Are you going to sit there and wait until something creeps up on you, then run to your doctor hoping he can write out a cure from his prescription pad?


Or do you want to bypass all of that anxiety and pain and tap into the wealth of nutrients found in foods that stabilize your body and help it turn the tables on invasive diseases?


You need to download Fight Disease with Food right now – before you put even one more bite of food in your mouth.


Don’t look at this as a diet – it’s not about sacrificing one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures. It’s about what you can give your body.


There’s a war going on inside your body at a cellular level. You might not be able to see it with your eyes, but your cells are begging you to back them up so they can protect you.


Right now, there’s a good chance that disease is developing somewhere inside of you. What you eat for dinner tonight could be the starting point where the tables get turned and your future health is decided.


You can download Fight Disease with Food right now to your computer and read it instantly! For a one-time fee of $4.95, you’ll be doing something those billion dollar pharmaceutical companies can’t do – protecting yourself from future disaster.


Every time you sit down to eat, you’re doing one of two things – empowering your health, or empowering disease. The choice is yours, and there are many seemingly innocent foods that might be sneaking in under the radar to undermine your best efforts.


Rich PLR


P.S.  Download today and you get my brand new book, Fight Disease with Food – which will help you avoid or cure common illnesses as well as the top life-altering disease threats found in America today!


P.P.S.  You never know what moment of what day the tides will turn inside your body, and disease will have the upper hand over your healthy cells. Do what you can to arm them in your defense now!