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Elite Power Fitness for Your Mind and Body

Elite Power Fitness for Your Mind and Body

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Have You Been Feeling Out of Shape, Mentally and Physically Exhausted, and Tired of Your Own Helpless, Overwhelmed Attitude?


Men and Women Are Now Shunning Seasonal Fitness Trends for a Life-Changing, Year-Round Power Focus That Strengthens Your Body and Your Mind!


Please Read Carefully:


An overwhelming number of individuals – from kids through seniors – all around the globe – are suffering from a lack of physical and mental self care today. We get mired in professional and personal lives that seem stagnant and chaotic.


To date, you had to address those issues separately. You could invest in some mental therapy or stress relief – or you could go on a diet and work on building muscle.


Neither of those options will help you live the life you deserve – the life you want to have where you wake up in the morning feeling powerful and content – and you go to bed feeling the same way.


Do you ever…


…wish you could just get away from it all?


…hope that when you have a rough day, your energy level will sustain you long enough to make it through the day?


Even if your body is trim – it probably isn’t at the level of peak fitness that it’s capable of. And your mind might not be riddled with stress at times, but it, too can be strengthened so that you’re able to achieve more goals in your life.



What Is the One Thing You Want Out of Each and Every Day?



When you lay your head down on the pillow each night, don’t you love those days where you feel accomplished? You were a good parent, a good spouse, a productive employee or entrepreneur – and you were even good to yourself.


Right now, most of us fall asleep each night filled with stress and anxiety. We harp on what we lacked – energy to work out, mental clarity to excel with our jobs – we’re simply going through the motions hoping for better results the very next day.


If you look at the top performers in the world, their dedication and commitment to improving themselves is twofold.


Samurai Warriors and Navy SEALs don’t just hop on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day and call it quits. They train for advancement – of their body’s abilities and their mental strength.



Elite Power Fitness Is for Those Who Want to Silence the Quitter in Them and Honor Their Potential Each and Every Day



Your body and mind are capable of so much more than you give them credit for. You probably feast on words each day like:


  • I can’t
  • I shouldn’t
  • I won’t
  • I don’t understand
  • I could never


Those words are barriers for your true self empowerment. In reality, they’re nothing more than paper tigers – a mirage intended to distract you and trick you into believing that you’re less than you really are.


There comes a day in every man and woman’s life when you come upon two paths in the road. One path is safe and comfortable – it’s what you know, what you’ve always believed in – and it’s well lit.


At the end of it is nothing more than a recliner and a remote control, a lackluster life filled with regret and depression over what could have been.


The other path is overgrown with weeds because few people take that road. It means you’ll need a machete and plenty of guts to follow that direction. But when you reach the end of that road, you’re met with a world unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.


This world is filled with love, financial prosperity, beauty, energy and peace. I want you to sit and think about how difficult this will be – because I want to weed out the quitters today – I want those who prefer the recliner to click out now and accept their fate.


Who Can Handle Elite Power Fitness?



When you think of this kind of training, think about something similar to Navy SEAL fitness. It will take everything out of you temporarily – until one day you’re virtually indestructible, capable of handling anything without even flinching.


Typically, this is a program for men – but more women want to feel empowered today, so the numbers are growing because the training is the same for both – it doesn’t discriminate.


It’s the perfect program for young adults and up – and you can start on any level of mental and physical fitness because the training is meant to have you analyze your starting point and build from there.


The program is something that entrepreneurs, executives, top athletes and high stress career people (like lawyers or first responders) are pursuing.


In my new book, Elite Power Fitness for Your Mind and Body, you’re going to learn two things:


#1: How to Push Your Body Past the Low Level Boundaries You’ve Set for Yourself and Build Up an Insane Reserve of Energy and Strength You Can Tap Into When Needed…


#2: Ways You Can Increase Focus, Clarity, and Concentration While Quieting Anxiety, Stress and Frustration So That You Are Able to Strategically Live a More Fulfilling Life!


Those who say you can’t have it all are lying.


You’re fully capable of enjoying good health and experiencing happiness on a regular basis. But it requires commitment and determination.



A Full-Blown Program to Deliver Stamina, Strength and a Formidable Mindset



In my new book, Elite Power Fitness for Mind and Body, you’ll….


  • Discover How to Pick a Starting Point and Set Strength, Endurance and Mindset Goals for Yourself…
  • How to Get Strong Using a Multi-Pronged Approach to Tearing Down and Rebuilding Better Muscle Day After Day…
  • What You Can Do to Improve Your Stamina Throughout the Day Using a Combination of Endurance and Cardio Exercises…
  • How to Handle Your Body’s Need for Flexibility and Conditioning, Which Works to Soothe the Mind and Improve Your Body’s Performance…
  • Ways You Can Pair a Mind-Body Fitness Regimen Using 9 Different Martial Arts Concepts to Become a Powerhouse of Strategy and Strength…
  • Simple Solutions to Give Your Mind the Tools It Needs to Stave Off Distractions, Calm Itself from Chaos, and Savor the Finer Moments in Life Fully…
  • How to Track and Measure Your Fitness Efforts So That You Can Celebrate Milestone and Set New Goals for Yourself to Reach…


Not Everyone Is Right for Elite Power Fitness


I know it sounds awful to say, but there are some of you looking for a quick fix (like looking good for the beach in 3 weeks) who just don’t get it.


This isn’t a cute little trend you’re looking at – this is you taking control of your life and saying, “No longer will I ever feel weak or overwhelmed because I am ready to honor my body and spirit and lift myself to heights I’ve never imagined I could reach.”


You need to download Elite Power Fitness for Your Mind and Body right now – but only if you know you’re ready to say goodbye permanently to mediocrity and self loathing.


You can download Elite Power Fitness for Your Mind and Body right now to your computer and read it instantly! For a one-time fee of $XX.XX, you’ll be able to activate your own plan of action starting tonight!


Click Above to Order for Only $4.95!


If you’re scared or intimidated or feel like you’re not sure you’re good enough – that’s okay. The course is meant to silence that self doubt and help you start seeing yourself as something more – someone fully able to succeed.


Rich PLR


P.S.  Download today and you get my brand new book, Elite Power Fitness for Your Mind and Body – which will help you power up your mental and physical strength.


P.P.S.  Remember, while most people will live a life of bland existence, you’ve already seen people in the world who didn’t settle – and amazed themselves and those looking on – and that will be you, too – if you are willing to give yourself the chance you deserve.