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Do It Yourself Home Improvements  PLR Ebook

Do It Yourself Home Improvements PLR Ebook

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The secret of home improvement is added value...

"… And You Don't Need A Huge Budget To Add Value To Your Home!

You Can Improve Your Home For Less Expense And Faster Than You Think!"

It's crazy.

There are simple changes that can be made to your house that can instantly increase the perceived value of your home.

… and they can be done BY YOU – easily!

Most people are so used to their own homes that they don't see the little things that are taking a toll on it over time. There are simple things you can do to look at your home with “another eye” and see where you should start when planning to improve you home.

Most people these days can't afford a contractor or consultant. Fortunately for you, there's another solution planted inside the guide mentioned below...

"...Do It Yourself Home Improvements!"

Greetings Home Owner,

If you don't fix your home up periodically, you'll probably find yourself in deep regret later.

There are a number of reasons for this. Just couple are (1) When you eventually want to sell your home, you have the opportunity to squeeze out extra value all over your property. And if you don’t “keep it up”, you will NOT receive what you would like from the sale. (2) Even if you do not want to sell your home, there are various things that can cause your home to be worth less anyway if not kept up.

There are simple “Do It Yourself” strategies that we lay out that will allow you to keep your home safe, keep your home looking new, and allow your to stay up-to-date while evaluating the sound structure and efficiency of your home.

Plus, these things can be done by you for little cost in less time than you may think.

Consultants command hundreds of dollars per hour and are much too expensive for the average homeowner. It's most likely not realistic or practical for you.

But do not fear! Sprucing up your home all by yourself is possible. And often simple.

"Does Your Home Have These Flaws?"

Many times you don't even realize the small things that can affect the value and efficiency of your property. If these little things are affecting your home in a negative way, you're probably not keeping it cost effective – which means your spending more money during the year than necessary – or you’re not keep the actually property value up with the rest of the market in your area.

In the following guide "Do It Yourself Home Improvements," we shine a giant spotlight on the small details that can either help you or hurt you when it comes to running a more cost efficient home and keeping its value high. This well-researched report is ready to download straight to your computer in just minutes.

...check out just SOME of the information you will find inside:

  • Getting to know the tools of the trade… even if you’ve never hammered a nail into a piece of board ever in your life.
  • How to determine what specific alterations and repairs need to be made.
  • Taking a look OUTSIDE where we don’t necessarily look every day to see what may need to be repaired.
  • Discover simple and specific strategies that you can start right now to increase the overall efficiency of your home.
  • Reveal very easy “touches” that you can use to improve your home’s look and curb appeal.
  • How to implement systems to ensure that you not only save money, but make sure your project(s) are carried out to please you and your family as smoothly as possible.
  • Unveil these three must-know and useful tips that you’ll want to take note of such as needed tools and equipment you’ll need for a variety of Do It Yourself home improvements… and STILL save money over hiring someone!
  • Discover the secrets for considering specific projects and how they may – or may not benefit – other family members. (This will help get others on board and maybe even helping you complete the project.)
  • How to motivate the rest of your family to lend a hand with your home improvement project(s).
  • How and where to use great ideas for storage concepts in your home.
  • Reveal the tools that can help you manage a very wide range of maintenance and repair jobs around the house
  • Abolish the myth that just because you’re doing it yourself that you have to compromise on quality. This is a lie that the industry has played on forever!
  • Save time and money using these seven steps for researching and investing in good quality tools that will not break down causing your frustration and costing you more money than you planned for.
  • Mater the total essentials first and find those here within the power tools that we recommend before starting any project.
  • Take a look at four indoor projects that can give your home a more modern look – or just make it more functional.
  • Uncover the secrets of ceramic tiles and what they can do for you in your next Do It Yourself project.
  • Discover the pros and cons of using laminates in on your flooring. Are they right for you?
  • Contemplate your improvement avenues using certain woods, stainless steel, and even stone for specific projects. Are they beneficial to your efforts or will they cause serious restrictions?
  • See for yourself how natural light and heat can destroy certain kinds of wooden shutters… and how you can keep this from happening… YOURSELF
  • Tackle the best 3 options for replacing your current blinds.
  • Nine ways to restructure your redecorating ideas so that your budget can every can go a long way in making your rooms look fresh and new.
  • Take these three easy projects to bring great functionality and value to your home
  • Master these 10 time tested rules that will allow you to move almost like an artist while creating beauty to your home’s outside appearance.
  • How to transform your house using six landscaping secrets.
  • How to measure the efficiency of your home – not just in terms of how well the space is utilized but also in terms of how well the natural resources are available to your home
  • Follow these eight steps to a create a more efficient and environmentally sound home.
  • Decorate the three most important rooms in your house using these thrifty final touches tips that will get your home in tip-top shape!
  • Use these three basic layouts to make your kitchen decorations and improvement as simple as you can with a quick and easy accomplishment for your home improvement plans. (After this you’ll know you can do any of it.)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!


Who Else Wants To Easily Add Value To Your Home?

Adding value to your home is an investment. If you neglect taking the simple steps, it could literally cost you thousands in potential dollars and you home will plummet in value.

Avoiding the easy tasks that could value to your home is a recipe for serious regret. One simple "rule of thumb" for organizing your closets could drastically affect the way prospective homebuyers view your house should you be looking to sell your home. (Note: Bedrooms are one of the most important areas of the house to pay attention to details.)

My guide will shine light on the small details from an outsiders perspective that you may not have thought of on your own.

When homeowners wonder about their own property, there is a moment of pause while they wait to answer their own questions. This tight-knit report reveals this and teaches you why it is important to spruce up your porch and entryway and why that is improtant.

This report is a value-boosting read full of tips for your home. Each one is capable of adding value and saving money every month that you live in it. In some cases thousands of dollars.

Investing $50.00 would seem infinitely small in comparison. But that's not going to stop me from offering "Do It Yourself Home Improvement" for just $4.95.

Get your guide today and I guarantee you'll profit from your decision.

"...See How Easily Save Money And Even Add Value To Your Home Or Your Money Back!!"

I guarantee this highly-valued guide will show you how to add value to your home starting today. The information inside can easily amount to thousands of extra dollars.

But at anytime if you don't think this special report has lived up to your expectations, just let me know. Write me an email saying so, and I will issue you a full refund ASAP. You have 60 days to make your decision. I won't bother you with any questions and there will be no hard feelings.

Said plainly, if you're not satisfied, I don't want your money.

To pick up your action guide for sprucing up your home and boosting your closing price, follow the link above. You can download it straight to your computer in just a few minutes time - allowing you to get started right away.

If you don't act today, you'll hate yourself later. Don't ignore the extra value your home has to offer - click the link above to get started!


Thanks for reading,

Rich PLR


P.S. Give me 30 minutes and you'll be boosting the value of your house one simple step at a time. When hiring a consultant or contractor is too expensive, this is the perfect alternative to spending a fortune. Now you can use this do-it-yourself to spot the little things that are taking away from the value of your home.

Get yourself a copy of this report and take a look. Remember, if you decide it's not for you - just write me an email within 30 days and I'll personally make sure you get your money back.