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Divorce and the Family (Audio & eBook)

Divorce and the Family (Audio & eBook)

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Help your children cope with, survive and even thrive when facing divorce…

Transform Your Divorce Into An Opportunity Of Growth And Discovery… For You AND Your Children

Discover How To Heal Your Heart And Protect Your Loved Ones


Are you one of the millions of people facing divorce? You are not alone. According to recent statistics, the divorce rate in the U.S. alone is at or above 50% during most years.

While marriage may seem like bliss, divorce resembles the tidal waves of a storm. Just as this is true for you as a parent, it is true for your children. A large majority of people who divorce find they are married with children. When you do decide to divorce, you make a decision that affects your children, not just you and your partner.

What are you going to do to minimize the impact divorce has on your children?

If you are a loving parent to one or more children, undoubtedly you want to learn what is best for your child should decide to divorce your partner.

Are you searching for an action plan for success that will minimize the impact divorce has on your child or children?

The very word “divorce” can be terrifying and devastating to family members, especially young children. They may blame themselves for your separation. They may act out in unusual ways or engage in violent or aggressive behaviors.

You may feel at a loss for words, at a loss for ideas about how to help them. There is good news however, for parents who feel lost among the tidal waves of divorce. They eye of the storm is just a moment away.

You can learn how to teach your children to cope with the stress that often accompanies divorce, and reassure them of your love for them, and of the love your ex has for them. Divorce has long and short-term side effects.

The sooner you learn how to cope with divorce on your own terms, the better prepared you will be to help your children conquer and overcome their fears about divorce. Where do you begin?

In “Divorce and the Family” you can discover tools that will help you:

  • Better understand the effects divorce may have on you, your ex and your children.
  • Recognize the common causes for divorce in the off chance you may have an opportunity to save your marriage.
  • Understand the impact divorce has on you and your partner, and how your feelings, attitudes and behaviors impact your children.
  • Better understand how children feel after divorce and how your behaviors and attitude can result in their comfort and support or feelings of fear and dismay.
  • Overcome common behavioral problems children experience following divorce, by learning more about support, therapy and open communication.
  • Identify tools for communicating effectively with your partner and other people in their family following a divorce.
  • Uncover magical and effective tips for blending families, when you or your EX decides to remarry or get together with another person with other children…

And much more. Children of divorce may suffer long-term side effects that last a lifetime. Don’t let that happen to you. Divorce and the Family will help teach you the very skills you need to help your children cope with and better understand divorce in your family.

If you have children, you owe it to you and them to learn as much as you can before divorce takes a devastating toll on your children’s ability to form and create loving and safe relationships as they get older.

By making a tiny investment, you will secure your child’s future and begin a long journey of healing that will make your family stronger, even in the face of divorce.

Emotional and spiritual growth following divorce is possible, for every member of your family…

You don’t have to become just another statistic. Learn how to integrate your body, mind and spirit so you can heal from the inside out. Your children will learn to model your behaviors and grow into strong, confident and courageous adults.

You can even learn how to talk and communicate with a sometimes uncooperative EX.

The information is at your fingertips. The best part? We are offering this new guide RISK FREE as an effort to spread the word to parents in pain. We want to do everything possible to assure your success and to minimize the impact divorce may have on your family.

If you have a family and children you love and care for, Divorce and the Family will help you navigate the ins and outs that accompany a divorce. Learn what steps to take to secure your families future.


The Dreaded “D”

Many children consider divorce the dreaded “D.” Help your children overcome their fears so you and your children can move on with your life. Divorce isn’t an end to all, but rather an opportunity to discover a new way of living.

You, your children and your “X” in many circumstances can come to a mutual understanding. “D” doesn’t have to involve hatred, anger and deceit. While Divorce and the Family will not resolve all of your problems, it is a step in the right direction.

For families interested in helping their children cope with and overcome distress surrounding divorce, “Divorce and the Family” is a must have resource.

You can go to therapy. In fact, therapy and counseling is very beneficial for families in need. Do you go to therapy alone? Do you bring one child? All your children? Attempt therapy with your EX?

Divorce and the Family will help you navigate these un-chartered waters as you try to uncover what is truly best for you and your family.

Divorce and the Family is dedicated to parents that want to heal the rift the dreaded “D” has caused their children and their own sense of self.

Act now and take advantage of this no risk offer. Try it out for 60 days and see if you can find even one tool, one tip, one strategy that will help better your relationships with your children, your EX, and help you blend your new family should the opportunity arise.  

Don’t let your life sit back and simply “happen.” The time has come to take back your life, and help your children live a happy, safe and comfortable existence, even when “D” is inevitably present.

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