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Curing Dog Seperation Anxiety (Audio & eBook)

Curing Dog Seperation Anxiety (Audio & eBook)

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If you cringe when you try to leave your home because your dog whines, cries and tears your home to shreds, you must read this important letter...

"Does it break your heart
to hear your dog cry when
you try to leave home?

Are You Worried Your Dog
Will destroy everything
in your home while you're away?"

"These are signs your best-Friend is emotionally distressed and needs your help!

From:  Rich PLR

Dear Fellow Dog Lover:

Have you taken in an older dog or untrained pup and find when you come home the house is destroyed and your dog jumps on you and makes this appear they are so excited to see you? If you think them jumping on you acting crazy is a sign of affection, well that's partly true; but mostly they are so wound up about being left alone that they act out much like a child would.

What's worse is trying to leave your home for any period of time and hear them physically crying for you - this is the part that really used to tug at my heart. I hated leaving my beloved friend behind, but having to leave the house is a necessity in life. It was so bad I used to pop in my iPod headphones so I wouldn't hear her cry- I feel awful for telling you this, but I need you to understand what I (and a lot of you are now) going through.

If you want to arrive home without being attacked or having to clean up a huge mess, this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!

Is your puppy reacting like this when you leave?

Does it break your heart to walk away?

(did you know this crying can go on for hours?)

. . . and what about the protective dog
who thinks someone is in your home
to take you away from them?

Let me ask you... is it safe for your friends to come over if your dog thinks that you will be taken away by them? Does your dog perceive anyone near you to be a threat to them; for example; your friends, relatives or God forbid... your children?

How often I go to a persons home only to have their dog growl at me, and to be told by the owner, "Oh, don't worry about her, she growls at everybody... she's harmless."

Really? Harmless? Here you are with this untrained animal growling at you. This is a sure warning sign to stay away. The dog is simply alerting you that "there may be danger ahead". This is not a harmless act and the pet owner is oblivious that something is emotionally wrong with their pet.

It only takes one bite to have an animal put down. Once an animal bites a human there is typically no one that will adopt your beloved pet...

...and, should the dog ever bite someone, especially if they bite or attack a child... you could be looking at a criminal action!

You should never be worried about leaving your home . . . or inviting people into your home.

A normal dog with great behavior will sleep, bark every so often or chew their toys when left alone. Basically they do what they normally do when you are with them.


An emotionally scarred dog with separation anxiety will typically do one or more of the following:
Whine, cry and bark incessantly
The animal will pace the house or perimeter looking for you - and never rest
The dog will chew furniture, destroy carpeting, knock over plants and often eat through paneling or drywall
A dog with this anxiety will jump on you and your guests when they see you often ruining and dirtying clothes and possibly scratching skin
Dogs also get jealous and will growl or attack anyone near you... this can include small children... who love to pet "any" dog
A female dog will often be so excited you retunred that she will unknowingly begin to urinate... while jumping on you
Dogs with severe separation anxiety will also urinate and defecate all over your home. These poor animals can also cause themselves great harm by jumping through plate glass windows!

Does your pet have any of the above symptoms? If so please keep reading...


Really, this is what you want and what you need in a pet:
A loving animal that is comfortable around everyone in your home
A pet that can be trusted to not destroy your home while you are away.
A dog that won't growl or bark at friends and family
A dog that won't jump on people and scratch and tear their clothes
A dog like you see in the movies, loving, warm and kind to all.
But most of all... a wonderful dog that is able to lead an emotionally healthy life!

It's now time to take control of your pet and show them that its ok to be by themselves. That breaking this level of anxiety is only going to make them live a rich, full life. How great would it be to trust your dog around your children, or your guest's children?

Teach your pet
to end bad habits in as little
as a few hours

"Dogs are truly just like people...
although they have no ability to talk
and tell you how they are feeling,
they act out on their emotions..."

Its true! Dogs, especially puppies, are exactly like small children. They have wants and needs but no way to express them other than acting out using the only tool they have - they're paws, claws, teeth and emotions.

When a dog is angry with you, they'll let you know by either destroying something in your home, urinating in your home or flat out other destructive bad behavior. Its usually something easy to fix - but not with a dog with a separation anxiety disorder. If left untreated, it can cause this poor animal to hurt themselves and possibly someone else.

Their need for attention, especially as puppies, is pretty demanding; but there are ways to calm them down, to let them know its ok to be left alone by themselves and this is often something they should enjoy.

Making them understand that its ok is one of the first steps but often the hardest. My book includes all the information you'll need to get into your animals head to know what it truly needs to be placated.

Hey Pet Lover - You deserve a BONUS!

If you have read this far it truly shows you love your pet and are willing to do what it takes to get them the help they so desperately need.

So in conjunction with this massive book on helping your dog with their anxiety of being left alone - I would like to extend a simple thank you "bonus" for your efforts.

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